Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Comey Abandons Even the Pretext of Honesty

Today's FBI news:

First of all, ten or twelve years after the fact, and a week before the election, Comey today decided that it was vital to release right now, a massive number of FBI documents about an investigation into the Clinton Foundation, which, incidentally found nothing wrong in anything they did.

And on the other hand,in the face of a very well sourced article from David Korn at Mother Jones, revealing highly disturbing connections between Donald Trump and the Russians, the FBI has declared that it would be just too unfair to release what it knows about that.

So: we just have to have irrelevant information about a dead pseudo-scandal crammed down our throats, but the very real possibility that Donald Trump is a tool of the Russians is just too unimportant to be discussed now, and can wait for some future generation or something.

It would take deep stupidity at this point for anyone to continue believing that Comey is just an honest person caught between bad choices.  He is a subversive criminal, and the Democratic party needs to treat him as such.

I have often pointed out that a major benefit of Republicans' endless lying smear campaigns against their opponents, is that this behavior discredits all claims that either party makes against the other.  So, the Democrats' very correct claims that Trump is a crooked con man without a shred of morality, who seems to have made a devil's deal with our greatest strategic opponent, gets treated as exactly equivalent to Republican claims that Hillary is actually Satan, that Michelle Obama is really a former football player who had a sex change operation, that...well, you know.  As a result, the weak Democratic leaders are intimidated into collaborating in hiding the sickening truth about Republican leaders.  How about telling the truth for once, with all that is riding on it?  Comey is at this point essentially an agent of a hostile foreign nation, doing everything he can to place that nation's puppet in the White House.  The notion that there is a shred of decency behind his actions is ludicrous.

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