Friday, November 4, 2016

Call It What It Really Is

Rudy Giuliani, a few days ago:

"there’s a revolution going on inside the FBI and it’s now at a boiling point.”

That would be, in more honest terms, a coup, or treason.  Either would apply.  Funny how so many people that are nearly having strokes every day of the year over Hillary e-mails, not one of which they can cite, don't seem to care about this- the FBI working in concert with a foreign enemy to install a would be dictator who is under their thumb, an will sell the country out in a second.

This is so preposterous that nobody would ever think of trying to sell a movie script based on it.  But it's real, and hardly anyone thinks it isn't okay to run the country this way.


Grung_e_Gene said...

The slow moving Coup d'etat has morphed into the rapid attack full-on insurrection. The FBI plot.

gruaud said...

They have been enemies of Democracy since Nixon.

Green Eagle said...

I think it would be fair to say that they have been enemies of democracy since at least their adoption of supply-side economics, under whatever name you want to call it, which took place in the 1920's at the latest. Their reaction to the persistent agricultural depression of that decade, for example,which involved bailing out banks and lenders but refusing to help farmers in any way, is a perfect example. Anyone who thinks about things for a few seconds can see that giving the entire wealth of society to the rich is bound to create economic collapse, which of course it did in 1929. The answer, of course is either to destroy the ability of the people to elect their own government, or to breed a huge cohort of ignorant, enraged voters who can be manipulated through propaganda paid for by the wealthy. As the demographics of this country have turned against them, Republicans and their rich backers have combined both tactics in a heavily financed campaign to get the voters to approve their own destruction.

In fact, I would go back a little further in history, to the Presidency of William Howard Taft. Taft had essentially no interest in being President, and left the job of governing to underlings who used their power to institute a regime of government based solely on the interests of the rich. I do not believe the Republican party (and the country) has ever recovered from this malfeasance on Taft's part. It developed a taste among Republicans for this sort of rule, which can be seen in the very similar attitude of Harding, and the Presidency of the terminally indifferent Coolidge, when one of the most cynical, greed-maddened capitalists of all time, Andrew Mellon, was allowed to personally run the economy. And run it he did-right into a depression.

Professor Chaos said...

The shocking, and encouraging, thing is that several conservatives have spoken out against this rat-fuckery, calling for Comey's resignation. Maybe we've finally reached a point where even GOP members can't stomach the car right. Maybe.

Pinku-Sensei said...

"This is so preposterous that nobody would ever think of trying to sell a movie script based on it."

Or even a TV series. Both "Blindspot" and "Quantico" come close, but at least both of those have the good guys winning. Not so in reality, not so far.