Monday, May 16, 2016

Wingnut Wrapup

Let's just start things rolling with a classic example of right wing denialism:

Paul David Miller, The Federalist:  "The Left Created Donald Trump...Voters like Donald Trump not so much because they hate Mexicans and Muslims, but because they hate progressive bigotry."

The Republican base's psychotic descent into hatred and racism?  Why, it's all your fault because you won't join in with us on the hatred.  And here's some more information that you probably didn't know:

"You have to understand progressivism as a kind of religion—specifically, a fundamentalist religion."

Sure you do, if you want to fall for Paul's stupid, contentious, patently ridiculous argument.  Here's Paul's idea of proof:

"Lest you think I am exaggerating, one of the high priests of progressivism wrote:"

 (well, let's just forget about what this high priest wrote, and continue)

"These are, of course, statements of American constitutional law, written by Justice Anthony Kennedy."

Anthony Kennedy- charter member of the Conservative Supreme Court majority that brought us Citizens United, and the Presidency of George W. Bush- one of the "high priests" of progressivism. Oh well, let's just move on.

Brandon Morse, Red State:  "BFFs Trump and NBC Spent 11 Years Turning Trump Into Presidential Material"

See, it wasn't the Republicans that voted for him, and the Republican leaders that taught them to cast their votes based on hatred and greed.  No, it was someone else's fault.  Just like the Iraq war (Bill Clinton's fault) and the 2008 economic collapse (Obama's fault.)  It's always someone else's fault.  My dog won't stop barking at the neighbor's dog.  I blame Obama.

Susan Wright, Red State:  "Senator Cruz Open to Reentering the Race...There’s still a chance…"

A chance?  A chance of what?  I mean really, Susan, a chance of WHAT?  No, don't answer that. What we've already got from the Republicans this year is bad enough.

Lloyd Marcus, Renew America:  "Regarding Ted Cruz, you ain't seen nothing yet"

That's what we're afraid of.  More from Lloyd:

"For crying out loud, Ted Cruz is an awesome human being. Period! The man walks tall. In debating issues vital to our country, Cruz is peerless. When called upon to stand up for We the People, he truly is "Lion Ted." Therefore, I will not criticize Ted. Nor will I agree with those criticizing Ted for being who he is."

What, for being the only person on earth that is hated by absolutely everyone he ever met, except for his mother, his wife and Carly Fiorina?  And I'm not even sure about his wife.  She's a Goldman Sachs executive, for crying out loud, so we know she'd sell him down the river for a nickel.  So would Carly, for that matter. That leaves his mother, and we only really have Ted's word for how she feels.

"Over sixty years of life experiences have taught me to trust God. I am telling you folks – there is something truly unique and special about Ted Cruz; an anointing on his life."

Yeah, there was something truly unique about John Wayne Gacy too, and nobody wanted to vote for him either.  You picked the biggest jerk in history to support, Lloyd.  Deal with it.

And boy, they are having a hard time giving up there at Renew America:

Matt Barber, Renew America:  "I am a Ted Cruz supporter and part of what they're calling the "#NeverTrump" crowd. As it now stands, and, speaking of directness, absent some direct revelation from the Holy Spirit Himself, I cannot, and will not, vote for you in November...I do not intend this as an attack in anyway."

Oh no, it isn't an attack.  It's just a confirmation that I am a stupid, deluded lunatic who would support a guy who thinks God wants him to be the ruler of the world, but no, NEVER TRUMP!

Rudy Takala, Washington Examiner:  "Expert: Clinton unlikely to be indicted, but she shouldn't be celebrating"

Because no matter what any "court" or "commission" finds, she is guilty!  That's our story and we're sticking to it!  The article continues:

"Even though I don't trust this Justice Department ... this case is so well-known that if no one is charged, that will be almost as bad as charging everyone," DiGenova said."

See, anyone charged, no one charged, she is still guilty.  "DiGenova," by the way, being one of the most prominent smear merchants who have attacked the Clintons over the years, including telling endless lies about them during Bill's administration, and continuing with strident, lying attacks during the Benghazi witch hunt.  That's their idea of an expert on the right: an expert liar.

Newsmax:  "Judicial Watch's Farrell: Hillary may be next after eight deposed"

And after Joe DiGenova, now Judicial watch.  Of course, the Pope could be next too, or maybe Nicholas Cage.  But, it could be Hillary!

Cortney O'Brien, Town Hall:  "New Ad Warns Senate Dems That Hillary Is Their 'Burden to Bear'

An ad from the National Republican Senatorial Committee.  Well, thanks so much, Republicans, for your concern.  I am sure it is meant in the most helpful way.  You, on the other hand, would never pick a candidate that might hurt your Senators' chances of re-election.  You are way too smart for that.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Quid Pro Quo: Clinton Foundation Gave Money To For-Profit Company Run By Clinton Friends"

This latest "scandal" is all over the right wing world the last couple of days.  The company, Energy Pioneer Solutions, provides free analyses to homeowners who want to move to sustainable energy sources.  The Clinton Foundation is a charity, not a personal slush fund of the Clintons.  What is wrong with this donation is a mystery, except that it involves the Clintons.  And no one can explain what the "quid pro quo" is supposed to be.  What, exactly is this small company supposed to do for the Clintons in return for this donation?  No one seems to be able to explain that, particularly the people that utterly ignored Dick Cheney making tens of millions of dollars of personal profit off of no-bid contracts he gave to his own company during the Bush administration.  This is just one more sign of the speed with which the Republicans are taking the low road this election year.  Expect much worse.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Congress Moves Forward With Impeachment of IRS Commissioner"

Not Congress, of course, but the lunatic Republicans in Congress.  This is over the alleged IRS targeting of Conservative groups, which never happened.  The Republicans want to impeach this guy because he failed to turn over evidence of this crime, which was impossible because there was no crime.  As I quoted above, "if no one is charged, that will be almost as bad as charging everyone," because once the lie is out there, the Republicans are going to run with it, no matter what.  Another round of Benghazi, anyone?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Awful. Hillary Clinton Is Running Ads of Paul Ryan Refusing to Endorse Donald Trump"

Because there is no Democratic political strategy more low down than showing what Republicans actually have to say.  Trump insists that it just isn't fair to refer to anything he said in the past; apparently this extends to all Republicans.

Bruce Deitrick Price, Renew America:  "Public schools are a threat to national security"

What can you even say?  And now, for a splendid example of right wing advocacy journalism:

Laurie Roth, Renew America:  "Now, watch America as Trump takes on the 'call girl' of evil and sell out herself Hillary Clinton in the general election. The water will part and only one of them will get across to actually do the work of God and the people. My vote and belief is Trump will have dry shoes and Hillary will be dripping wet, lying on the ground with smeared Mascara dripping down her face."

Okay there.  The call girl of evil.  That's a new one on me.  I don't think anyone has actually accused a first lady of being a prostitute since Dolly Madison.

Sarah Palin: “If You’re In America, Speak American – The Way It’s Been For Thousands Of Years”

I know, low hanging fruit, but still.

The Federalist Staff:  "How Social Justice Warriors are Ruining Comic Books for Everyone"

Well, for everyone under 12, maybe.  Growing up ruined them for the rest of us, but apparently not the distinguished legal scholars at the Federalist society.

And here it comes:

Aaron Klein, Breitbart:  "EXCLUSIVE – Clinton’s Alleged Ex-Lover: Hillary a ‘Terrorist,’ ‘Sex Addict’ Bill Told Me He Had 2,000 Women...“And I will say this, if Billy Clinton has had sex with 2,000 women and we know about a dozen of us, where are the rest? Well I’ll tell you where they are. They are cowering in fear because of the terrorism."

The "ex-lover"- a proven liar from the 1990's but they'll bring her back and pay her to say anything, assuming that the press will not bother to let us know how dishonest this is.

Pam Key, Breitbart:  "Amy Walter: Women Are Voting Against Trump, Not For Hillary"

The Republican party:  You broke it, you bought it.

Ezra Dulis, Breitbart:  "‘Weak Donald’? I Thought of a Better Trump Nickname than Trevor Noah’s in Two Minutes"

Me too:  The biggest liar in the history of the United States.

And if you need any more proof of what a monstrous "news" site Breitbart is, try this:

David Horowitz, Breitbart:  "Bill Kristol: Republican Spoiler, Renegade Jew"

And here is some of the commentary on the subject:

"Dont worry Bill Kristol is 100% pro Jewish He stared 5 wars for Israel and kkilled 10,000 white Americans. for Israel. Isnt that love enougth?"

Bill Kristol started five wars, apparently all by himself.  Those evil Jews.

"So Hillary, Cruz, Obama and many others are Jews? I am shocked."..."No sily.. they are Jewish friendly"

"Jewish Friendly."  The horror.

"Trumps mother had a love affair with Castro"

Maybe Rafael Cruz joined in and it was a threesome.

"You got it man. What do you think about trump now that he took that dirty Jew Sheldon Adelsons money? It was bad enough that his daughter is having jew babies."

Well, enough already.  It goes on and on.  Well, okay, one more:

"I find that recently, there is a spate of Pro-Palestinian Muslim Jew haters on Breitbart. These Hillary paid trolls, like to change the dialogue"

Ha.  Breitbart is now a front for Hillary.


Well, I hope that they used a couple of U87's, so they get a nice clear sound.  Sorry if that didn't make any sense to you.  I just couldn't resist.


Eight months to go, and they are still dreaming.


Jean Valjean said...

Donald Dick
Trump the Frump
Dickie McDickface

Green Eagle said...

Marc: For some reason, Blogger is refusing to publish your comment. I have no idea why, but I did not want you to think I rejected it, so here it is:

"And for the cherry on top of the (R) Candidate sh*tpile, a certain half term governor of AK is saying she is qualified to be tRumps VP. Laugh, Cry, or Drink - but I don't think the clown show will be over on November 3rd... "

Thanks for that. We Democrats just couldn't be lucky enough for Trump to pick Sarah Palin, I'm afraid, because that would just about cap off the most irresponsible behavior by a political party in history.

FNZ-795 said...

If anyone managed to make it through the right-wing drivel quoted above, they deserve a reward.

Today, May 16, is the 50th anniversary of the release of the Beach Boy's Pet Sounds album.


-F.N. Zimmermann

Magpie said...

I don't think Palin actually said "Speak American – The Way It’s Been For Thousands Of Years”.
Happy to stand corrected otherwise.
She DID say "speak American" but not the second bit (that's a bit of parody) and that was September last year. She also then called it English when someone off camera apparently mouthed the word to her.

I'm going off to speak Poisonous Spider right now. If I never come back it means my pronunciation was bad.

johninoregon said...

"What is wrong with this donation is a mystery, except that it involves the Clintons."

Well, it also involved a company that is providing "sustainable energy solutions." Wingnuts hate those.