Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Falling In Line

It's wonderful.  I'm not sure that anyone ever said this, but the Republicans are about to show how easy it can be.

They're hopping on board.  Who could have thought it would be any different?  Republicans have exactly zero conscience, self awareness, or concern with anything other than what they want that very minute; and right now, preposterous as their behavior the last six months makes this claim, they want to win very badly, and if the only path open to them is to support an egomaniacal, racist bully who they hated last week, well, that's just fine with them.

Anyone who thought that, after a thirty year ride down into the gutter, Republicans were going to suddenly take an interest in what's good for the country, was a fool.  Here they come, and if passing this guy off as President requires an even bigger pack of lies than normal, they are ready and eager to meet the demand.  Hold on tight, guys, the train is about to leave the station!

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