Sunday, May 8, 2016

Wingnut Wrapup

And today's wingnut wrapup is specially pleased to honor Republican Congressman Todd Rokita, chair of the House Subcommittee on Early Childhood, Elementary, and Secondary Education, for introducing a bill which would eliminate over three million poor children from the nation's school lunch program.  That's just standard despicable behavior for a Republican, of course; what this award is really for is the name that Congressman Rokita attached to this bill:  the Improving Child Nutrition and Education Act of 2016.  Maybe he is just getting on board with Michelle Obama's campaign to cut childhood obesity, or maybe he is one of the most heartless, dishonest Congressmen, in a crowded Republican field.  Take your pick.

Now, time to observe the Repubican party enjoying the prize it has worked so very many years to achieve.  And let's just start out with Jonah Goldberg, assuring us that this is just Great for the Repubicans:

Jonah Goldberg, USA Today:  "If Trump destroys GOP, he may take DNC down with him"

Right, because they are both equally responsible for Trump.  Here's more Jonah:

"The Trump campaign points to all the working-class Democrats and independents flocking to his message, nowhere more so than in Indiana on Tuesday. If they’re successful, the GOP won’t be the party of limited government and free markets anymore. Instead, it will be more like a party of a kind of statist white-identity politics, of the sort that is common across much of Europe."

Or at least  it will be more like a party of a kind of statist white-identity politics, of the sort that was common across part of Europe in 1933.  That's something to look forward to, isn't it?

And a little more:

"The Democrats have no idea how to tango with a new GOP that also promises to maintain or expand entitlement programs, raise trade barriers and tax the wealthy. "

That's okay, Jonah, because that is the sort of GOP that is never going to exist in a thousand years.

Susan Wright, Town Hall:  "Trump Spokeswoman: Clinton Not Fully Vetted"

Ha.  Twenty five years of Republicans trying to tear her to shreds, and she's not "fully vetted."  What could be left to vet, or even to make up at this point?

"I’m assuming that some of what will be discussed, on top of the Clinton Foundation, will be all of Trump’s contributions to the Clinton Crime Family."

The Clinton crime family...not much of a criminal organization, considering that it has been subjected to two and a half decades of incessant accusations and investigations, costing the American taxpayers over a  hundred million dollars, and all they've been caught at is a blow job.  That's pretty funny, after Denny Hastert and all.

Caleb Howe, Red State:  "Andrea Mitchell NAILS It On Why Trump Wins: ‘Tweets Matter’

Keep telling yourself that, buddy.

Leon H. Wolf, Red State:  "Ted Cruz Quits: Battle Fatigue Finally Wins"

No, Leon, losing finally won.   Deal with it.

Sara Gonzales, Red State:  "Ted Cruz’s Heartbreaking Concession Speech "

Heartbreaking?  I found it about as heartbreaking as this:

Both being about dead parrots, I mean.

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "With 'Boundless Optimism,' Cruz Drops Out of Race"

Well, congratulations on keeping your spirits up, Ted.  Turns out they really did hate you, huh?

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "Kasich Camp: 'We Intend to Forcefully Give' GOP Voters a 'Choice'

A choice of Trump or Trump.  Sorry, John, you guys gave GOP voters a choice and they made it. Where were you for the last three decades, while your party has been cooking up this perfect storm?

Wes Vernon, Renew America:  "Why – oh why – is there no election-year debate over plans that are underway by confirmed Marxists who (after the election) hope to trash our Constitution and make the organized step-by-step destruction of that precious document a formal on-paper – not just de facto – legal act of fulfillment."

Oh, I don't know, Wes, maybe the same reason there is no election-year debate over plans by Cthulhu to devour the entire human race?

Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker:  "It took a miracle for Cruz to become a US Senator. God did not bring Ted this far to leave him."

God, and a lot of money from his wife's employer, Goldman Sachs.  I'm sure they won't be leaving Ted either.

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review Online:  "No sensible conservative is against compromise."

An unchallengeable assertion since there seems to be no such thing as a sensible conservative. Andrew maunders on:

"Even in the government-shutdown episode that Ross refers to and that the GOP establishment is fond of banging on about, compromise was abundant: The proposal was to fund every other part of the budget except Obamacare."

See, I'll compromise with you.  I won't cut your head off, only your foot.

Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall: "Trump Can Sell a More Entertaining Story than Hillary"

Well, that's a great reason to vote for him.  on second thought, I think I will be casting my ballot for Dick Wolf.

Megan Fox, PJ Media:  "Widespread Mental Illness Taking Over America, One Bathroom at a Time"

Well, widespread mental illness is taking over America one political party at a time too.  One down, one to go.

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "What do social conservatives do now?"

Let me guess:  Shut your damned mouths and get out of the way of sane people?  Oops, no, that wasn't it.  Bryan suggests that "social conservatives" go right on being the assholes they have been all along.  Well, give it a try, Bryan.  The Republican Party's approval rating has already sunk to a net -30.  Maybe you guys could go for -50.

Sierra Rayne, American Thinker:  "General election head-to-head polls appear biased against Trump...Dozens of head-to-head general election polls between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have been released over the past several months.  Almost all of them purport to show Clinton ahead of Trump by a significant margin."

Hey, they're bringing out the rigged poll schtick already.  Remember how well that did with Romney? Here's some real delusion for you:

"The likely state of the Trump vs. Clinton head-to-head is a historically small Clinton lead – on the order of a few percentage points, but not the 10+% claimed – that has evaporated in the past couple weeks to effective parity, or even a small Trump lead."

Right.  Keep telling yourselves that, guys.  You never did like the truth much.

And now, as they used to say, on with the rest of the news:
Stephen Moore, Town Hall:  "How to Turn Puerto Rico into Hong Kong... Why not turn Puerto Rico into a Hong Kong in the western hemisphere through new rounds of tax, regulatory, property rights and welfare reforms?"

Hey! Tax cuts, less regulation, cutting welfare, more "property rights"...there's a unique solution that the Republicans have never tried before, right?  More likely to turn Puerto Rico into Kansas than Hong Kong, of course, but then, that's the real idea.  Anyway, let's remember that Stephen is proposing turning this:

into this:

That's progress, huh?

Christine Rousselle, Town Hall:  "It Might Soon Be Legal To Hunt Grizzly Bears"

Well, they've got to find something to be happy about.

J. Matt Barbour, Renew America:  "Jesus the 'intolerant bigot'  "The Gospel of Christ doesn't care about 'tolerance.' It cares about truth."

Funny, I don't remember Jesus being intolerant of the poor, or prisoners, or the strangers among us. The only people I remember Jesus being intolerant of were rich bankers and money changers.  That didn't feature much in Matt's article.  I wonder why.

Charles Cooke, National Review:  "Conservatives Refuse to Repeat the Mistakes of History"

And what might those mistakes be?  Relying on the hatred, greed and racism of aging white voters to win elections?  No, not that:

"Now, once again, we need your help – not just to face down the relentless assault that conservatism faces from the Left, but to fight against the hijacking of the American conservative movement by Donald J. Trump...We never really learn the lessons of history. But we can avoid the repetition of our mistakes. As long as we’re around to do so, that is . . . "

Yes, the mistake was to not give the National Review enough money.  And the people at National Review are working to make damned sure that Conservatives don't make that mistake again.  Hooray for your principled stand there, National Reveiw guys.

And let's play Who Said That?

 "They are trying to issue a warning. That the media, an indispensable component, a pillar of our democracy - the media are not doing their jobs. And I think it's a really important and I know that David Samuels was trying to warn all of us, because he and I covered national security - we've seen this happen again and again.

What happens when the next person comes along and tries to peddle lies, which is really what is starting to happen now. We're not only entitled to our own opinions, we're increasingly entitled to our own facts."

Can't guess?  Why, it's Judy Miller.  JUDY FUCKING MILLER!

If you don't get the joke there, shame on you.

Susan, Wright, Red State:  "Trey Gowdy Responds to Secretary of Defense’s Complaints About Benghazi Panel"

Yeah, who fucking cares?  I mean, really.  Does it make their lies better to tell more of them?

Neil Stevens, Red State:  "Here’s why the general will be different from the primary for Donald Trump"

Neil maunders on a while here about media coverage and suchlike, carefully avoiding the real reason the general will be different than the primary:  The Republicans have spent thirty years collecting all of the white racists in the country under one "big tent," so there are no more left to vote for Trump.

And let's just go out with a little taste of what the campaign against Hillary is going to be like:

Paul Jacob, Town Hall:  "At a CNN town hall in March, Hillary Clinton boasted: “I’m the only candidate which [sic] has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity — using clean renewable energy as the key — into coal country. Because we’re going put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business . . . right Tim?” 

My mind immediately went to something else, however. What about this fellow named Tim, who, before a national audience, Hillary Clinton had called on to agree with her about killing coal companies and the jobs they provide? Who the heck is he? 

What’s Tim’s last name? What does Tim do? Who does Tim work for? Probably not a coal company, eh? The Environmental Defense Fund or the Sierra Club, perhaps?  A contributor? A supporter who favors the Obama Administration policies designed to put coal companies out of business?  I want to know. But for some bizarre reason the media doesn’t want to tell me. 

Could Tim What’s-his-name be Hillary’s secret lover?"

25 years of "investigations" and over $100 million dollars of public money spent , and they have never nailed her for one damned thing, not even misusing the White House Christmas card list (Yes, that was one of the things she was investigated for.)  So now they are reduced to this:  they don't even know the guy's name, but why not accuse her of being in an adulterous relationship with him?  But hey, they were just asking, right, not accusing her of anything.  And that is how someone with an amazingly scandal free record gets regarded as shifty and untrustworthy by large segments of the American people.

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Marc said...

And for the cherry on top of the (R) Candidate sh*tpile, a certain half term governor of AK is saying she is qualified to be tRumps VP. Laugh, Cry, or Drink - but I don't think the clown show will be over on November 3rd...