Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Simple Answers to Simple Questions

At Daily Kos, they are asking the question that everyone will be asking tomorrow:

"How, by the way, can Ted Cruz keep going after tonight? Trump is on track for either a sweep or near-sweep of Indiana’s delegates, which will bring his goal of obtaining a delegate majority that much closer. There's almost no way now that Cruz can stop him, in fact. So what’s the point of carrying on?"

Simple, guys, and I can't figure out why you didn't think of it.  The answer: cheating.  This is the party, after all, that has cemented its control on the House of Representatives by Gerrymandering and voter suppression, and the party that held the White House from 2000 to 2008 through the actions of a corrupt Supreme Court.  They still have two good months to rig the convention process to overthrow Trump.  Is there anyone out there naive enough to think that the Republicans don't have "consultants" all over the place working full blast ever minute of the day to figure out a way to do this and get away with it?

And that is all the Republican primary contest comes down to at this point:  can the real masters of the Republican party find a way to force their candidate on the party without causing a catastrophic explosion?  Because there is absolutely no question that, if they can figure that one out, they will do it.


ez said...

So...Cruz has now said he is "suspended" his campaign. Not that he is quitting. Nnot that he is dropping out.


Ready to rise again, like Dracula from the coffin, to reluctently accept the mantle were there to be a brokered (cheating) deal at the convention.

Keep the Garlic, Holy Water and Wooden stake handy, this oily Eel is not done.

Marc said...

I prefer this idea which was posted on Facebook:

"Why isn't Cruz being forced to carry his unviable bid all they way to the convention?"

Yes, that was rude, crude, and socially unacceptable, but so is Cruz.

At least Fiorina can fire the campaign staffers as the consolation prize for being his VP running mate for a week.

I'm not usually this impolite, but the last decade and a half of Republicans Gone Wild has gotten to me - and I hope this primary is the last hurrah from that party.

Paul Wartenberg said...

Welp. No more Cruz campaign.

There is still a likelihood Cruz can sabotage the convention to his favor, depending on if Cruz can still affect the delegate selections in other states. But that game would be so destructive to the GOP it would be tantamount to handing Hillary not only the White House but also a 62-seat Democratic Senate and a Dem-controlled House.

Green Eagle said...

ez, in case you have never heard this, if you drop out of the campaign, you can legally no longer raise money, leaving most candidates with considerable debt. By "suspending" their campaigns they can continue to ask for donations, to pay that debt off. That is why practically all candidates "suspend" their campaigns.

Of course, we do know that Ted is ready to rise like Dracula, the first chance he gets. Unlike with Nixon, we are going to have Ted to kick around for a long time yet.

Now, about that sabotage: You can be absolutely positive that Republicans will continue trying to plot to take the nomination away from Trump, right until the convention, by fair means or foul. It's what they are, and the opinions of their stupid, gullible base won't change that. They have always succeeded in ramming their choice down their base's throats, and I am sure many of them still believe they can pull it off again- and they may be right.