Sunday, May 1, 2016


In Virginia!  Who knew?

"Among (Virginia Assistant Chief Medical Examiner Kevin) Whaley’s concerns are the way he said his office sells brains to the National Institutes of Health.  That happens if a victim’s family agrees to donate the brain for research.

“The thing is for each brain we supply to NIH the office gets $6,250. Now, the family is never made aware of that, so we`re getting paid per brain,” Whaley said.  He said that is an excessively high amount given the short time it takes to extract a brain and send it to the NIH. Whaley said it makes him question the fees his office charges others.

“I have a hard time telling families you can`t have an autopsy report if you don`t have $40 when I know we just got paid $6,250 for a brain.” 

Now, in a Green Eagle exclusive, evidence of this actually taking place:

To be perfectly honest, this may be a picture of the procedure in which Dick Cheney got his new "heart" a couple of years ago, but who knows?


Jerry Critter said...

They just Bette not be the brains of fetuses.

Jerry Critter said...

Bette = better

Infidel753 said...

I hope the NIH insists on a discount for teabagger brains. $6,250 would be way overpriced for such defective equipment.

Green Eagle said...

Well, Infidel, I am not sure I agree with you. Once they have opened the teabaggers' skulls, we have to remember the extra cost involved in finding their brains, which might very well balance out their lesser value on the open market.