Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Oh No, He's Not Bringing It Up

Maybe you thought, as I did, that it would take Donald Trump a while longer to descend far enough into the sewer to seriously bring up the insane claim that Hillary murdered Vince Foster.  Well, you'd be wrong.  In one of the most disingenuous statements I have ever heard a candidate make, here he goes:

"When asked in an interview last week about the Foster case, Trump dealt with it as he has with many edgy topics — raising doubts about the official version of events even as he says he does not plan to talk about it on the campaign trail.

He called theories of possible foul play “very serious” and the circumstances of Foster’s death “very fishy.”

“He had intimate knowledge of what was going on,” Trump said, speaking of Foster’s relationship with the Clintons at the time. “He knew everything that was going on, and then all of a sudden he committed suicide.”

He added, “I don’t bring [Foster’s death] up because I don’t know enough to really discuss it. I will say there are people who continue to bring it up because they think it was absolutely a murder. I don’t do that because I don’t think it’s fair.”

He doesn't bring it up.  He does not plan to talk about it.  At the very moment he is bringing it up and talking about it.  And yet, this grotesque dishonesty is just fine with his voters, because they have been trained to respond to nothing but their own self-generated anger, and he stokes that just fine.

The danger here, of course, is that all of the phony Republican scandals and smears of the Clinton administration were utterly disproven by years of investigations and committee hearings, but this time around, millions of people will hear the phony, lying charges without ever learning how false they were.

Hillary and her people had better show some real outrage over this sort of campaign by character assassination.  Otherwise, no matter how provably false these charges are, millions will believe them. We already see a large segment of the electorate, on both sides of the aisles, that have fallen for twenty five years of propaganda that Hillary is a lying, corrupt political hack.  This kind of lying worked against Gore, against Kerry and nearly against Obama.  It's time for Democrats to be a lot more insistent on telling the truth, unless they are satisfied to see the United States become an out of control oligarchic dictatorship.

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