Thursday, May 12, 2016

All Join Hands and Dance

Any delusions still remaining about whether there is a Republican on earth who is actually so principled as to refrain from supporting an ignorant racist would-be-dictator for President should now be dead, with the news that Paul Ryan, after a mere two weeks posturing, has announced that he and Donald Trump have taken a "positive first step" toward unity, i.e. joining together to once again deal a blow to American government.

It is the greatest mistake to ever, ever assume that a single Republican has one shred of decency or morality.  The entire party sold itself to the hyper-rich a hundred years ago, and it has never looked back.  To fight the evil that they represent, we must always assume the worst of them, because their intentions, more often than not, are even worse than anything we could imagine.  This time around, it is flirting with out and out dictatorship, as a welcome alternative to the possibility that a Democrat might raise taxes on the rich.

The American people are fighting for their lives here.  And all it takes to fight is to get out and vote in November.  Probably too much to ask.

A Little More:  From the always entertaining Charlie Pierce this morning:

"(Trump) is not invested at all in Paul Ryan's political future, but Ryan knows that, if a Trump campaign craters the party in November, he will find himself nothing more than the most influential corpse in the morgue. This was not a meeting about "unity." It was a meeting about how to make the best of things when you suddenly wake up and discover that all the power in your political universe rests with a vulgar talking yam."

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Marc said...

Former VP Dan Quayle came out for tRump, saying the people don't want someone qualified, they want an outsider, and tRump is that outsider, thus he is qualified. Can't make this stuff up...