Friday, May 9, 2014

The Truth from the Mainstream Press

I guess we need to give credit when credit is due.  The New York Times, which has so often willingly played a malicious role in spreading Republican propaganda (remember Judith Miller and Bush's Iraq lies?) has a tremendous editorial today, along the lines of what they should be writing every day.  Here are a couple of excerpts, although I suggest you read the whole thing.  You'll enjoy it:

"The hottest competition in Washington this week is among House Republicans vying for a seat on the Benghazi kangaroo court, also known as the Select House Committee to Inflate a Tragedy Into a Scandal...

They won’t pass a serious jobs bill, or raise the minimum wage, or reform immigration, but House Republicans think they can earn their pay for the rest of the year by exposing nonexistent malfeasance on the part of the Obama administration...

Four Americans, including the United States ambassador, died in Benghazi, and their deaths have been crassly used by Republicans as a political cudgel, wildly swung in the dark. They have failed to provide proof for any number of conspiracy theories about the administration’s failures, including the particularly ludicrous charge from Representative Darrell Issa that Mrs. Clinton, then the secretary of state, told the Pentagon to “stand down” and not help defend the American compound."

See, Times editors, it isn't that hard to tell the truth; and if you had been doing that for the last couple of decades, our country would not be in the shape it is today. 


Grung_e_Gene said...

They aboslutely are earning their pay with Because Benghazi. Republicans are paid to gumup, throw sand into the gears and sabotage Government.

By not doing anything on Healthcare (except trying to take it away from people), the Minimum Wage (except for trying to lower it), the Global War on Terror (except for trying to expand it) Republicans consistently tell the American People that they have No Friend in Government.

The Republican Party's mission is to make this a Government of the Rich, by the Rich, for the Rich.

Green Eagle said...

And not just a government, but a country of, by and for the rich, in which the rest of us live as barely tolerated pests, like cockroaches or mice.