Sunday, May 18, 2014

Still Not There

The ten million, as far as I can gather, have yet to show up.

Here's some response to the event on Friday from the website of Patriots for America, organizers of the mighty event (the Operation American Spring website, in fine Conservative tradition, has had absolutely nothing to say about it.)  Needless to say, they are having a little trouble with the truth:

"I am trying to stay positive, but based on what response I have seen on Video's from OAS, we are a bust and I am afraid that the next step will require those of us, Veterans and Patriots that still support the Constitution to take up Arms and Die in the process of removing this current government....The battlefield is the next stop and God help us all, blood will be flowing all across this land unlike any battle long before....."

The battlefield is the next stop.  Well, they had better show up with more than 130 fighters, or it will be a short battle.  Here's some advice to you guys:  Spread out. That way it will take more than one drone shot to end your revolution.

 "Col. Riley set up OAS to continue as long as it takes; most who are coming later refer to it as 'the second wave.'

The second wave.  I can't wait.  Maybe 200 will show up then.

"The next thing will be an all out Revolution, because peaceful demos/protests are ignored and no longer make news."

You know what?  Your "peaceful protest" made plenty of news.  Not the kind you were hoping for, I guess.

"I am surprised that little planning was done for live feeds of the event"

Lucky for you, too.  Live feeds of nothing really aren't what you were looking for.

"Hey Col. Riley, You need to put someone on a horse dress in a Paul Revere outfit and send him up I95 yelling the british are coming. That will get on mainstream news and maybe wake some people up...If people would just walk from their homes you could get millions."

Millions of what, horseflies?  Right, all you needed was a horse, and Obama would have been in custody today.

And now it is time to look at some of the photos purported to be of Friday's event that were posted on this website:

 Yes, this was published as a picture of Friday's event.
As was this one
 And this.  I love the photoshopped drones, but I guess the size of the crowd was even funnier.  Is there anyone in the country self-deluded enough to believe these are pictures of Friday's march?
 And I selected this one to represent many photos claimed to be police manhandling protesters on Friday- all from other events (most of them Occupy marches, of course.)  Of course it's necessary for these guys to claim government suppression in order to explain their failure, but once again, who that knows anything about what happened on Friday can fall for this?  Are they just preparing for a time in the future when memories of Friday's turnout have faded, and they can claim that these photos represent the reality of a huge popular uprising, viciously suppressed by the government?

And finally, my favorite:

Yes, some idiotic jackass actually posted this picture in the belief that his fellow right wingers would believe that it showed Friday's crowd.  Stupidity has no bounds.
"What they need to be doing is mobilizing the more time that is wasted just gives the left wing radicals more time to demonize the patriot movement"

Demonize?  I think the word you are looking for is "ridicule."

"We got less than the millions predicted because of treasonous talk like yours.  You play a good game - pretend to hold the constitution in one hand, but on closer inspections, it's a pact you have made with Satan."

Satan. I think the pact we have made is with sanity.  And with that, enough.


Infidel753 said...

we are a bust and I am afraid that the next step will require those of us, Veterans and Patriots that still support the Constitution to take up Arms and Die in the process of removing this current government

So when it turns out they have no popular support from the "we the people" they're always invoking, the next step is to resort to violence? This is pure coup d'├ętat thinking. Good thing they're few enough to all fit in one modest-sized loony bin.

isaac said...

Maybe these dipsticks ought to stop projecting the numbers they expect for turnout at their non-events, until they have millions of confirmed affirmative responses. It's also gotta leave a mark that the Occupy movement they like to laugh at drew enormous numbers. All over the country. For a whole lot of days.

isaac said...

I read on Friday one of these nimrods rationalizing that the reason turnout was low was that people decided to go instead to Nevada to hang out with the Bundy bunch. Somehow I managed to miss any news about multiple millions of sub-literate morons in hoverounds and badly misspelled signs materializing in Nevada this weekend and dragging down the collective IQ in that state.

Green Eagle said...

Isaac, I think we may be overlooking the possibility that these "marches" are nothing but a way to gull money out of the rubes, and that the event itself means nothing, once the funds are firmly in the organizers' pockets. Obviously, there are people who believe this nonsense, but I wonder how often that extends to the people who promote these events.

isaac said...

I can't rule that out, GE. I've been aware of the "astroturf" aspect of the 'bagger contingent for a long time, as well as them being useful idiots for the likes of the Koch brothers and their political agenda. I hadn't considered their financial usefulness at all, but I can't discount the possibility of it. Thanks for doing what you do, GE--making me think.

Magpie said...

Some days ago my country’s (conservative) federal government announced cuts to health and education. With next to no time to organise, protests were held in cities across the country.

Can’t be sure of numbers – it’s pretty hard to count. But lowest estimate was 8,000 people in my city alone. Actually showed up on the street, that is…. I’m not talking a theoretical. About 1 person in 500 out of the general population, counting babies.
10,000 in Sydney, 6,000 in Adelaide… no political affiliation, no figurehead leader, no funding, no think tanks, no conspiracy theory, no bullshit. No media build up that I saw.

Just sayin’.
If your issue is REAL, it’s not hard to gather up people for a protest. It’s quite easy.

If you're failing as spectacularly as American Spring, the only explanation is that your issues are not real. Unless you believe in Lizard people, there is no other explanation.