Friday, May 2, 2014

Bundy: The Abomination Continues

I know I'm beginning to sound like a one trick pony over the Cliven Bundy thing, but I have been predicting for years that the behavior of right wing militias, and the coddling of them by the press and many Republican officials was going to result in them escalating their irrationality and violence until something really hateful occurs.    Well, here is another step in that direction.

I want to quote fairly heavily from a post at Daily Kos, for which I hope they will forgive me, because the subject is so important.  There is a lot more there including video of Bundy acting very badly indeed.  They quote a report by a local TV station, and then continue:
"Within the past few days, local 8 News NOW received Police Reports and other information that show Bundy's Anti-American, Anti-Government thugs:

- "poured lighter fluid around" news trucks,
- Issued "bomb threats" against Hotels where Federal employees were lodging,
- told hotel staff they would be "dragged out in the parking lot and shot"
- Bundy thugs asked Metro Police Sgt Jenkins if "he was ready to die"

As is the case with many terrorist organizations who hold people hostage at gun point, terrorist leader Cliven Bundy issued "demands" to the United States government in exchange for releasing law enforcement from gun point and threats.
And here is Bundy, with his threats:
"BUNDY: ...disarm the Park service -- and all Federal Parks the US Government claims they have jurisdiction over. Take your county bulldozers and tear down the entrance places -- the -- where they ticket us and where they - ah - entrance and make us citizens pay their fees. You get the county equipment down there and tear those things down this morning. You disarm those Park service people.  You take a pick-up [truck] and I want those arms. [Facing the crowd of thugs] WE want those arms picked up don't we? ...we want all of those arms put in that compound taday! We want those arms delivered right here under these flags in one hour! And media -- are you here media? I want you to go to everyplace that they gotta central park service - ah - station and you watch those county machines tear down those -- those place taday in the next hour. And you [media] report back to these people -- we the people in one hour. If it's not -- if there's not done then we'll decide what we're gonna do from that -- this point on.
Daily Kos sums things up:
"Journalists Were Threatened;  Law Enforcement Threatened; Hotel Bomb Threats & Death Threats to Hotel Employees;  Bundy's armed thugs surrounded the City Council room and stood watch over a "standing-room only City council meeting" yesterday."
So, there you go. This is the behavior of terrorists- threatening government employees and innocent civilians with violence and death if they do not give in to the terrorists' demands, which include turning arms over to them; intimidating city officials who are utterly unconnected to the whole affair, in an attempt to use the fear of violence to establish their control over the local government, making bomb threats...these people are no different from Al Qaida or the Taliban, or the Nazi party of the 1920's, except that they are home grown and are going to consequently be much more difficult to hunt down and neutralize.

And let us not forget to thank the press for refusing for years now to face what these people are up to, and coddling the right in this country as it grew more and more crazed.  We also need to place appropriate responsibility on the many Republican politicians, who encouraged and sheltered these people, knowing perfectly well what they were becoming, even going so far as to force the suppression of a government report a few years ago about exactly this sort of threat, thus leaving the government years behind in preparing for this threat.

The country had a chance to stop this, but it squandered it, under pressure from seditious Republican politicians, members of a party that has descended so far that it is actually doing what it can to bring down this country; and the press, which bows to its rich owners who do not want the nature of their sick tools to be examined.  Now, who can say what will happen; but with the government having (unfortunately, without any real choice) to back down to these terrorist thugs, we are guaranteed a continuous series of this sort of thing, until violence of a sort never seen in this country since 1865 breaks out.  What then?  We'll see.

The next possible incident is "Operation American Spring," the militias' threat to descend on Washington on May 16th to try to force Obama out of office.  It's likely that this will be a colossal failure just like all of their previous marches on Washington to force the country to do their evil bidding,, but after the Bundy Ranch fiasco, who knows?

But Wait!  There's More!  You might find some amusement in this story, about the two main militia groups at the Bundy ranch drawing weapons and threatening to start shooting at each other.  These guys really are maniacs.


Cirze said...

Good catch!

The Press can hardly expose what it's been working for years to encourage.

And let us not forget to thank the press for refusing for years now to face what these people are up to, and coddling the right in this country as it grew more and more crazed.

Poll P. said...

Eternal optimist that I am, I'm expecting the Cliven and Sterling stories to do some good inthe long run....

Anonymous said...

You can't handle the truth

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, you can't handle the internet. Your link leads nowhere. Oh well, I suppose nothing is better than your usual lies.

tmk said...

...He's trying to be cutesy and clever by linking to a clip of Col. Jessup's tirade on the stand from A Few Good Men. Nothing we haven't heard before.

Green Eagle said...

If that is the case, I have to remind Anonymous that Colonel Jessup turned out to be a lying criminal whose actions made a mockery of the Constitution.

tmk said...

Heh. You know that, I know that...