Saturday, May 10, 2014

Green Eagle Thinks Like a Republican

Don't try this yourselves- Green Eagle's parrot brain isn't big enough for it to have any lasting impact on him.

So, BENGHAZI!!!!!!  Whatever it was that happened in Benghazi was supposedly enough to derail Obama's reelection if the American people know the truth, right?  I mean, that's why he had to lie about it.  Or so they say.

Well, as Green Eagle delights in pointing out over and over again, Republicans pretty much stick to accusing Democrats of things which those very same Republicans are actually doing.  Drove the deficit through the roof?  Blame the Democrats for spending too much.  Bad at running wars you started?  Call the Democrats weak on defense.  Embarrassed every day or two by your own heroes turning out to be unrepentant racists?  Go on TV to claim Democrats are the real racists.  Work on behalf of no one but the obscenely rich?  Accuse Democrats of being the real "elitists."  Well, you get the idea.  So now let me go on with my main point.

Qui Bene, as Scotland Yard used to ask.  Who benefits?  Who would have been the main beneficiaries if a horrible foreign disaster really had struck Obama a few weeks before a Presidential election?

You can see where my "thought process" is leading me here.  There is every bit as much reason to wonder whether the Republicans themselves precipitated the Benghazi massacre as there is to believe that Obama committed some horrible crime that, in two years, no one has been able to identify.

We know (although God knows we were encouraged to forget it) that the Bush family and the Bin Laden family were very close, and that our previous President enjoyed holding hands with and kissing various Saudi Sheiks.  Suppose the Republicans diverted a few million from the billions of rich-guy money they had to throw around before the 2012 election, and, via the Bush family, financed an attack by Al Qaida on the Benghazi compound, on the theory that this was a better expenditure than a few million dollars more spent on TV ads in Ohio and Florida.  Suppose that, despite their bluster, they could read the real polls and saw a stunt like this as the only way to pull Mitt Romney out of the fire.  And then, when the American people didn't respond as intended to this provocation, the Republicans couldn't let go of it, and spent the last two years obsessively trying to ram it down our throats.

Well, as I said, it's the Republicans who stood to benefit from a disaster at a consulate overseas.  I think there is easily as much reason, based on their past behavior, to believe the Republicans were behind the Benghazi disaster, as that it had anything to do with the Obama administration.

What I am suggesting is that every time the Republicans have another hearing or press conference on the Benghazi nonsense, the Democrats have one too, to investigate whether the clearly treasonous Republicans were behind the whole thing.  Subpoena every scrap of financial information from the Koch brothers, Karl Rove's group and every other identifiable source of big Republican campaign money, and have it torn apart in public by government lawyers and accountants to find the funds that were funneled to the terrorists.  Call an endless succession of Republican politicians to the witness stand under oath to testify in detail about their behavior and their anti-administration remarks, and demand voluminous documentation to support their testimony from every one of them.  Have Democratic leaders on every talk show and TV news outlet making vague, sinister accusations about Republican behavior during the 2012 election.  And make it absolutely clear to the American people that it is the Republicans' job to disprove these implications, not their accusers' job to prove them.

See how they like it for a change.  It would be good for a laugh anyway, and God knows, after reading the news, we could use one.


joseph said...

Who was behind the video? Who had it translated into Arabic? Why did Romney BEFORE the video was released say that he would seize on any crisis to get votes? One plus one plus one...

Green Eagle said...

And again, let me state that I'm not saying there is any evidence for my theory, just that there is as much evidence as there is for Republicans' Benghazi claims- none. This post is really not about Benghazi at all, but about the difference between what Republicans and Democrats license themselves to do in order to win elections.

joseph said...

I understand, but when you are up against a party who's ONLY issue is more money for the super-rich, I think we should use any means available.

Green Eagle said...

Well, on with the hearings then. I'm game. It's about time they got a taste of their own medicine. Just be ready when Wolf Blitzer, David Gregory, et. al. suddenly discover how abominable it is to hold hearings on nonexistent issues.