Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Couple of Things to be Angry About Today

Republicans in Congress, unable for years now to come together to back a single piece of constructive legislation, may be reaching a new low:

"Representative Duncan Hunter of California submitted an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that would authorize the “use of force against those responsible for the attack against United States personnel in Benghazi, Libya.” The amendment will likely come up for a vote in the House of Representatives this week."

This insane bill would authorize the President:

"to use all necessary and appropriate force against those organizations or persons the President determines planned, authorized, or committed the attacks against the United States facilities in Benghazi, Libya that occurred on September 11 and 12, 2012"

There is no time limit on this authorization, and it would, effectively, authorize any future President to attack anyone else in the world, merely by asserting that they were somehow connected with Benghazi.  Just imagine what might happen if this power fell into the hands of a couple of lying warmongers like Bush and Cheney.  Oh wait- they already lied us into a war.  This would just make it easier for them to claim that we are just fine with that.

And now, what about the real terrorist murderers out there:

"WASHINGTON — Three years after the Central Intelligence Agency set up a phony hepatitis vaccination program in Pakistan as part of the hunt for Osama bin Laden, the Obama administration told a group of American health educators last week that the agency no longer uses immunization programs as a cover for spying operations."

And of course we believe them, because who ever heard of the CIA lying?

"Since the C.I.A.’s vaccination program became public, dozens of public health workers in Pakistan have been killed, with militant groups sometimes announcing that the workers had been suspected of being spies."

And diseases that had been all but eradicated are now making a comeback, threatening the lives not of dozens but of tens or hundreds of thousands.  So who in our government or our press is going to stack this damage against the four dead in Benghazi, and state clearly who is the greater threat to the security of the world, Al Qaida or our own CIA?


Jerry Critter said...

Duncan Hunter is an idiot. I am embarrassed that he is from my state.

Green Eagle said...

Jerry, I'm from California too. But, I'm currently working in North Carolina. That's enough to make anyone forget California Republicans.

Anonymous said...

They come up with plenty of legislation but the partisan hacks in tbe senate and presidency gave no intentions of reaching across the isle. They could take a lesson fron Bill Clinton

Jerry Critter said...

You're being sarcastic, right?

Anonymous said...

No I'm serious. Bill knew how to reach across the aisle