Thursday, May 29, 2014

Republicans are really, REALLY clamping down on the crazies. No, I mean REALLY!!!

From Daily Kos, this news:

"In a story about how allies of House Speaker John Boehner are planning a "crackdown" on anyone from the tea party who dares vote against re-electing him as speaker if he runs again after the 2014 midterms, Politico's Jake Sherman reports:
This time, Boehner’s allies are talking, too. They say they aren’t going to be bullied by a small pocket on the right."

Right.  And here is a prediction I will make for you:  This new found courage of theirs is set to expire on the second Wednesday in November, the day after the Congressional elections. Then, it's party time again in Washington, and Ted Cruz, Louie Gohmert et. al. will be free to take the country on another magical mystery tour down crazy lane. 

This stunt is nothing but standard Republican practice: when there is an impending election, try to convince the gullible that all has changed with them, and once again their party cares about the direction of the country.  Unfortunately, it's worked many times before and it will probably work this time too. 

It's all so predictable, and yet even the dedicated and intelligent reporters at Daily Kos can't seem to see it.  Why should we expect the average voter to notice the latest dirty trick being played on them?

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