Friday, May 9, 2014

Another Little Lie From That Whiner Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan is still furious that Candy Crowley intervened in a Presidential debate she was moderating, to point out that Mitt Romney told a big fat lie about Benghazi:

"Rep. Paul Ryan is still complaining about CNN’s Candy Crowley’s 2012 debate moderation. Specifically, about the fact that she corrected Mitt Romney for saying President Obama took 14 days to call the 9/11 attack on the Benghazi compound “an act of terror,” when Obama said those words in the Rose Garden the very day after the killings of four Americans.

Talking to Hugh Hewitt Wednesday night, Ryan rehashed the Crowley moment, agreeing with Hewitt that it was “perhaps the most significant intervention by a member of the media in a presidential campaign ever.” While Ryan wouldn’t speculate about whether Crowley would do anything different if she knew what we know now (more on what we know now, later) he alleged that Crowley “violated the rules of the debate.”

And what's more, he is spreading a deliberate falsehood.  Even though I bet you never heard about this, I am sure Paul Ryan has:

In a 1980 Presidential debate between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, it so happens that someone from the Reagan camp managed to steal Jimmy Carter's debate briefing book, which his aides had assembled.  This book was used to prepare Reagan for the debate.  One of the people coaching Reagan using this briefing book was that paragon of Conservative journalism, George Will.  Not only did Will fail to disclose the fact that the briefing book had been stolen, but he did not even reveal that he aided Reagan in preparation for the debate.  And after the debate, Will went on television and proclaimed to all what a great job Reagan had done.

Many of you will have no knowledge at all of a reporter named Janet Cooke.  She worked for the Washington Post at around the same time, and was caught having fabricated a story about a little boy who was addicted to heroin.  For this crime, she was fired, and her entire journalism career destroyed, even though the story hurt no one.

For participating in an abominable deceit on the American people that directly affected the outcome of a Presidential election, Will faced no penalty at all, and has continued for decades to enjoy a lucrative career as a "journalist," with his reputation unstained by any unpleasant recollections about an incident that dwarfs any wrong Candy Crowley might have committed.

Well, it's okay when they do it.


Anonymous said...

Don't you find it odd that Obama was totally clueless in thecfirst presidential debate with Romney and the 2nd one all of a sudden he seemed to know so much? Watch it again and you can see he he keeps his head tilted to one side as if he is listening to something and at least 3 or four times he mouths to the camer as if he is answering to Someone.

joseph said...

Seriously?? Incumbent presidents tend to do badly in first debates because they underestimate their opponents. In this case, the underestimation, even though justified, led to his poor performance. In subsequent debates, he prepared better.

joseph said...

And then too, the the winning of the debate is dependent more on the perception than the reality and the perception is framed by the media, which wanted a horserace rather than to explain what an idiot Romney was.

Green Eagle said...

And by the way, Anonymous, I don't dispute that he did horribly in the first debate. After four years of abuse from the Republican party, he was still clinging to the absurd notion that they would play fair, and he was, unaccountably, utterly unprepared for the outpouring of lies that Romney threw at him. How he could have not predicted that, I just don't know. Lies are all they have.

Anonymous said...

Yeah 2 term governor and successful businesssman is no match for the intellect of the community organizer

Green Eagle said...

Rich guy who inherited his money is no match for editor of the Harvard Law Review.

I knew George, and George was a dimwit, although a pretty well-meaning one. I have no reason to think that Mitt is anything but a mean-spirited, greedy dimwit.