Friday, October 7, 2011

A Simple Solution

I want to make a more serious comment about the proliferation of marijuana dispensaries.  I live (normally) in Los Angeles, and it stuns me to drive around and see a place openly selling marijuana every six blocks or so.  Who ever thought we would live to see such a thing?

This situation is clearly unsustainable, but I believe there is a simple solution: free enterprise.  Yes, for once I am going to advocate the good old Republican answer to everything (not that they really believe what they are saying when it hurts them personally, but that is another conversation.) 

Let these stores battle it out for supremacy, and see which ones survive.  Not only will the number of outlets inevitably decrease, but let's face it- the retail price of marijuana is wildly out of line with its production cost, and the competition could only benefit the consumer.  This may be a rare example, but it may also be one where right wing cant could actually work.

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Dave Dubya said...

The kind herb thrives in a free market. Too bad corporate entities like Pharmaceutical, Alcohol, and Tobacco companies are lobbying against the free market. Obama doesn’t want to rock that boat. Such complacency promotes the continuation of injustice.