Monday, October 24, 2011

Bet You Never Heard This

From the Portland Maine Press Herald:

"PORTLAND — Portland police are looking for the person who threw a chemical bomb at the Occupy Maine encampment in Portland during the early morning hours on Sunday.

Sgt. Glen McGary said police responded around 4 a.m. Sunday to an explosion in Lincoln Park at Congress and Pearl streets"

I checked the first six pages of google hits for "Maine occupy wall street bomb," and there was not a single hit from a mainstream news outlet.  Apparently, right wing acts of terror against liberals are not worthy of being reported.  You know that if something like this happened as a teabag event, every national news outlet would be screaming about this for days, and there would be nothing else on Fox News and CNN.  Instead, when real people not paid for by the Koch brothers get attacked, it's just fine.


Magpie said...

There have been an Occupy group here in Melbourne camped out for some time. They got dragged out of Federation Square by cops dressed in full riot gear. All the Occupiers were doing was just passive resistance of the link-arms-and-sit-down type.
Now they’ve moved to a park and gone out of their way NOT to interfere with a visit by the Queen of England, even though they could have easily have piggy-backed that attention. The protesters are doing everything they can not to be confrontational while still having something that could be called a protest – and theoretically a protest is perfectly within citizen’s rights.

Here’s a comment a reader made in one of the local papers had which I think nails a lot of the coverage of this… now global, genuinely grassroots, and un-paid-for… movement:

“ It is so typical of mainstream media to yet again report these protests as "anti-capitalist." They are not. The OCCUPY protests in the USA are being similarly (deliberately) misrepresented, and/or are being placed in various "boxes" all of which only serve to deliberately erode the credibility and validity of the points the protesters are actually making.

The primary point of the OCCUPY protests (which is being deliberately and consistently ignored by nearly ALL mainstream media) is that the systems of government which supposedly constitute America's "democracy" have been utterly corrupted by the corporate dollar ”

Poll P. said...

Good comment, Magpie. I continue to meet otherwise sane people who still don't 'get' what going on with the Occupy Movement. I do see a lot of 20-somethings, though, who are becoming up-in-arms about it. They, of course, as the brainy young ones we would have been mentoring in our old jobs. Now neither we nor they have a hope in hell of earning a living!

Anonymous said...

As with the Arab Spring - it will mean more when the streets run red.

Anonymous said...

The Occupiers are nothing more than street agitators .

Good thing people have become aware of their so called "purpose".

This whole thing is by design and you all act like this is something good.

Dave Dubya said...

Yes, only corporate tea cult demonstations are legitimate to the corporate media.

Sniff, sniff. The stench of tea-soaked bullshit is very distinctive.

Green Eagle said...

"The Occupiers are nothing more than street agitators."

And? What's your point?

Would you rather that they were ignorant, mentally deficient fools voluntarily being manipulated by the hyper-rich to stab themselves and the rest of us in the back? Because from the days of the poor Southern fools who fought and died so rich people could own slaves, to the teabaggers that will give up their health care so someone can make $500 million a year, that's what right wingers are.

Anonymous said...

Actually someone should set off a Flea Bomb for those Flea Baggers.,they are filthying up the streets with heir garbage and excrement.
They are like stray animals that are staying around because someone is feeding them and it ain't the Koch Brothers.