Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No Crime Too Low

From the BBC, another appalling story of the moral bankruptcy of the Catholic Church:

"Spanish society has been shaken by allegations of the theft and trafficking of thousands of babies by nuns, priests and doctors, which started under Franco and continued up to the 1990s.

The scale of the baby trafficking was unknown until this year, when two men - Antonio Barroso and Juan Luis Moreno, childhood friends from a seaside town near Barcelona - discovered that they had been bought from a nun. Their parents weren't their real parents, and their life had been built on a lie.

The pair went to the press and suddenly the story was everywhere. Mothers began to come forward across Spain with disturbingly similar stories."

Lawyers believe that up to 300,000 babies were taken.

The scandal is closely linked to the Catholic Church, which under Franco assumed a prominent role in Spain's social services including hospitals, schools and children's homes.

Nuns and priests compiled waiting lists of would-be adoptive parents, while doctors were said to have lied to mothers about the fate of their children.

A Spanish magazine published photographs of a dead baby kept in a freezer at the San Ramon clinic, supposedly to show mothers that their child had died."

There is, apparently, no depravity too despicable for it to become accepted practice in the Catholic Church.  And just like the revelations that the Church is effectively a machine for the manufacture of child sexual abusers, you can bet every penny you own that it will turn out that the hateful crime of stealing babies for profit was standard Church practice in many other places.

Anyone who, after all of this, grants the Catholic Church the right to speak with authority on moral matters is a fool, who is voluntarily making himself complicit to monstrous evil.


Magpie said...

Doesn’t surprise me.

Is this not just another manifestation of the church’s assumption that it has the prerogative to control your reproductive rights? You realize of course that if this was another organisation they’d be up before an international court for crimes against humanity, but no-one will be held accountable in this case.

(You might want to check the BBC link. Don’t know about anyone else but it’s not clicking through to anywhere for me.)

Anonymous said...

Now the Inquisitors have you on their list!

Green Eagle said...

Magpie, I see what you mean. I went back to the original post and recopied the link, and it still won't work. Sorry, you'll just have to trust that I didn't make it up.

Infidel753 said...

This may be the link:

I wouldn't put it past the Church to have kept a few of the stolen kids stashed away somewhere for molestation purposes.