Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Press Set To Screw Democrats as Usual

Here is one of the most important stories about the coming election that you will ever read.  It relates a Pew study of press coverage of the various presidential candidates.

We have all heard, so many times, the Republican lies about the supposed liberal bias of the mainstream press.  Well, here is the truth:

As you can see from the above chart, Obama is given favorable coverage in only nine percent of mainstream press stories.  This compares to 31% favorable coverage of Palin and Bachmann, and 28% favorable for Herman Cain, all three of whom are ignorant pathological liars who would be disastrous as President of the United States, and who shouldn't be taken seriously by any sane person.

This is what every Democratic Presidential candidate for decades has had to bear, and it is coming again, from a corporate press which is determined to see a Republican back in the White House, despite the near fatal damage caused by the last one.  Add this to the billions in corporate money the Republicans have to spend this time around, and it will be a near miracle if American voters are not deluded into electing someone who will, almost assuredly, destroy the economic and social fabric of our country for decades to come.

And let us not forget that every single member of the mainstream press knows perfectly well that Barack Obama, however ineffectual he has proven to be, is an honest and well-meaning man who has dedicated his life to doing the best he can for the American people, while the Republican candidates are, without exception, corrupt, lying demagogues committed to nothing but thievery of our national wealth.

This is a bleak prospect, but it is reality, notwithstanding all of the Republican screaming about the "liberal" press.  We may be seeing the end of  our founding fathers' dream, destroyed by greed and hatred, and by the ultimate treason from the Republican party, which would rather see a few thousand people have billions than to see this country survive.

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