Saturday, October 8, 2011

34 Days

Just sayin'


Poll P. said...

...but who's counting?!

Magpie said...

Makes you wonder why people invented calendars doesn't it?

Probably good for farmers at the time, but it's been freaking out nitwits ever since.

Anonymous said...

Who's the biggest health insurer in the country?
• Who's the biggest bank in the country?
• Who's the biggest land-owner in the country?
• Who runs the biggest retirement plans in the country?
• And who alone has the force of law to force you to comply with their decisions?

That would be the federal government, an extra-constitutional monolith that controls every aspect of our lives, from shower-heads, to automobile bumper design, to thermostats, to building codes, to carbon dioxide emissions, to the size of toilet tanks, to health insurance plans, to...

Well, to everything.

Which is the problem. Remember the old Soviet Union? It tried to control everything. It tried to centrally plan the interactions of millions of individuals with five-year plans. With regulations, bureaucrats, agencies and offices.

And how'd that work out,?

Anonymous said...

Green Eagle said...


What in the name of God does that have to do with Skyrim?

Magpie said...

Oh sorry GE I didn't realise it was Skyrim either.

I'm not much one for gaming.

Except the Total War series.
Sounds bloodthirsty but it's like Civ with real time fully immersive battles. Up to Total War Shogun 2 now. Gorgeous to look at, atmospheric and historically accurate.

Green Eagle said...

Yes, but Magpie, whatever you say makes sense. I'm just not quite sure we can say the same about Anonymous.

Poll P. said...

I'm a Civ loyalist. I don't much like the fighting, but I love controlling every aspect of my subjects lives. Hey! I ought to be a government!

btw, Anon is a troll.