Saturday, October 22, 2011

Here's a little tidbit from a post at American Thinker which amused me:
"Perhaps the most stunning element of the Revolutionary Communist Party's manifesto is the call for black Americans to unite into a separate, autonomous republic in the American South.  Wilson cited the Revolutionary Communist Party's constitution, which called upon African-Americans to forge an autonomous region comprising "the southern part of the former imperialist United States of America."  That decision would be made by a special vote in which only African-Americans would be eligible to participate.  Insane?  Yes."

Oh, totally insane.  After all, just imagine the absurdity of the thought that White Americans would ever call for the forging of  "an autonomous region comprising  the southern part of the  United States of America."  And imagine what an idiot you would have to be to imagine that such a thing would be decided by a vote in which only white Americans would be allowed to participate.  The whole thing is so stupid that no one could ever imagine patriotic white people doing that.  Thank heaven for the Republican party and its followers for being so alert to the sort of treasonous plot that could only come from the left.

My God, don't these people have a shred of self-awareness or concern about humiliating themselves in public?

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Poll P. said...

Jaw-droppingly obtuse!