Monday, June 6, 2011

When You are Wrong, You are Wrong

Meaning me.  No way to get around it, I've been as gullible as many of the right wingers I make fun of.

The Weiner man did it all, exactly as accused, and we now find he did more than we even had heard.

I fell for his denials, hook, line and sinker.   I'm sorry, and I'll try to be even more cynical about politicians in the future.

The worst is, Weiner was going after that crook, Clarence Thomas, and that is now completely out the window.  So this hideous, corrupt person will remain on the Supreme Court, selling us out to the rich as fast as he can, all because Anthony Weiner couldn't keep his penis to himself.   Man, I hope his (very beautiful, by the way) wife, who he only married a few months ago, dumps him flat.  Anyway, he's through, so he can tweet all the college girls he wants.  I don't ever want to hear him open his big fat mouth in public again.


Jerry Critter said...

Looks like it was Weiner's wiener after all. Now Weiner is a wiener, a lying wiener at that...or is it a lying Weiner?

Anonymous said...

How about that,he pulled an Elliot Spitzer

JohninOregon said...

The worst part of this -- other than the end of the Clarence Thomas pursuit -- is what it does for the execrable Andrew Breitbart. I had hoped he was on the road to permanent oblivion after the Sherrod fiasco, but now he gets another 15 minutes, at least.

Green Eagle said...

John, J agree with you about Breitbart, but please remember that, as with all these right wing liars, there is a long line of people just waiting to take their place if they are destroyed. With the likes of Jim Hoft, Pam Geller and that dick in a pimp suit getting air time on CNN, etc. the loss of Breitbart would, in the end, mean nothing to them.

Anonymous said...

how funny are you? So this is about Uncle Clarence Thomas and Andrew Breibart.
Don't you that when the leftwing media can't carry the whole narrative?

Green Eagle said...

"Don't you that when the leftwing media can't carry the whole narrative?"

Anonymous, I'm not making fun of you here. Many times, I am so upset about things that I make stupid grammatical mistakes.

Would you please restate your comment so I can respond to it? I mean that.

By the way, look at what I just posted. I think this guy should be tossed out on his ear, and I will never again listen to anything he has to say. So I think you may find that I agree with you on this more than you would suspect.

Dave Dubya said...

I agree, Weiner has no more credibility and respect.

Although out with Weiner, in with Vitter, is the same old double standard. It's ok if you're a Republican 'cause God forgives fellow members of God's Own Party.

No shame, no blame with those guys.

We'll have to wait to see how Weiner handles the disgrace.

Green Eagle said...

It's okay if you're a Republican, because it's okay with Repubicans, who have not one shred of decency.

It's not okay with you and me.

Anonymous said...

What should we expect with Bill Clinton as a role model

Green Eagle said...

Can't resist the cheap shot, huh?

I'm not forgetting that Bush and Cheney started a criminal war of aggression against a helpless, innocent country, and killed a million innocent civilians in the process.

When you show some shred of appropriate response to that massive war crime, maybe I'll listen to your outrage over a blow job.