Sunday, June 26, 2011


Here are two things that are true, were true the day that President Obama took office, and will continue to be true forever:

1.  Republicans caused our current economic problems by following an "ideology" which is nothing but a cover for delivering the country's wealth into the hands of the rich.  This Republican behavior is what caused the Great Depression, and it is what caused the 2008 economic collapse.  After Bush, as after Reagan and after Hoover, Democrats were left to clean up the mess, while Republicans screamed abuse at them for every move they made.

2.  The aggression against Iraq and the war in Afghanistan were collectively one of the greatest military blunders in the history of warfare.  The incompetence of the Bush-Cheney administration and their viciousness toward the local populations left these wars absolutely un-winnable in any meaningful fashion.  Not one penny spent after Obama was elected could change that fact, or produce any kind of positive outcome to something started so poorly and with such malicious motives.

Had Obama and the Democrats stated these two obvious facts clearly and consistently from the time they took office, they would have come in for a landslide of abuse from the right, but they would still have been telling the truth; and today they would have a consistent, factual narrative to rebut Republican lies.  Instead, they cowered in a corner for three years, while Republicans used the media to convince a significant part of the American people that everything wrong in the country is the fault of the Democrats.  So there is a fair chance that voters in 2012 will return the country to the hands of the people who destroyed our lives only three years ago.

After the last Republican catastrophe, it took them over thirty years to con the American people into electing another right wing president.  That is because we had strong Democratic presidents- Roosevelt, Truman, Kennedy, Johnson, who were not afraid to govern with Democratic principles, which worked to protect the American People, and were not so afraid of being called mean names by Republicans that they hid in the shadows and allowed the right to do its dirty work.

When Obama was elected, I wrote him a letter, in which I asked one thing of him in return for all the work we did to elect him: that he tell the truth.

Too much to ask, I guess.


Poll P. said...

I like this clear statement. I wish I could link to it on Facebook.

Dave Dubya said...

The concentration of wealth and power has reached it's critical mass for plutocratic rule.

Who but the powerful could so massively screw things up? And of course the propaganda machinery of the Right successfully blames it all on liberals.

The tragedy is if just ten percent more Americans understood the Republican class war waged against them on behalf of the economic elites, we could be a free democracy.