Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Out with Weiner

Listening to Thom Hartmann's show this morning, I have been very surprised as both Hartmann and a long succession of callers argued that what he did is personal and should not result in political consequences for him.

I totally disagree.  This man's distasteful behavior has given the press ammunition for years to come to use specious arguments of equivalence to dismiss the most vile Republican abuses.  Furthermore, he has enabled the press to continue to treat one of the most malignant smear merchants in recent memory as a reliable source, which will allow him to continue his efforts to destroy left-leaning organizations and political figures.  How many groups like ACORN and individuals like Shirley Sherrod will Andrew Breitbart now be able to crush, thanks to Anthony Weiner's lack of self control?

I don't care what Anthony Weiner's politics have been in the past.  This man has demonstrated to all of us that the needs of the entire nation mean less to him than his most low, animal instincts.  Regardless of how liberal he claims to be, we cannot afford to place our fate in the hands of such a person.


Anonymous said...

I say we just have too many politicians.
It has be become full of self serving power hungry elitists who are only looking out for their own interests while claiming they are our saviors. No accountability anymore which was the reason in the rise of the Tea Party of ordinary citizens looking for rel leadership instead of Business as usual.
Time to drain the swamp for real.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I agree with GE for those exact reasons.

The smear merchant Breitbart now has, through Weiner's stupid self-destructive behavior, a platform to do more harm.

This is the real tragedy of Weiner's "mistake."

BTW, a "mistake" is when you inadvertently put your car keys in the refrigerator instead of your pocket, not when you take a photo of your dick and send it over social media to someone you want to flirt with.

Totally brainless.

Green Eagle said...


"It has become full of self serving power hungry elitists..."

Sad to say, when has it been any different? Not since Brutus, or King David, certainly. Unfortunately, that is one of the characteristics of man's lot on earth- to eternally struggle against that sort of people. It will probably always be the case.

Green Eagle said...

And sad to say, Shaw, I suspect you share many positions with Weiner, as I do. But the damage that he has just done will probably outweigh anything else he can ever do.