Saturday, June 18, 2011

No End To His Capacity for Betrayal

Who else?  Joe Lieberman.  It's not just Democrats that Holy Joe enjoys stabbing in the back:

"Joe Lieberman, first Jew on a presidential ticket, (is) embracing Beck, the leading purveyor of anti-Semitic memes in the mass media. One of the most visible Jews in America was making common cause with a man who invoked apocalyptic Christian theology in promoting his rally in Israel."

Dana Milbank, who claims to still respect Lieberman (for some utterly incomprehensible reason) trots out the usual mainstream press apologia for him, asserting that Lieberman must be unaware of Glenn Beck's long history of antisemitism.  Well, you can't sell that crap here.  Lieberman knows perfectly well who and what Beck is.  Not only is he willing to betray the Democratic party, he is willing to betray the religion that he claims is a centerpiece of his life.

This real life Wormtongue is truly one of the most loathsome characters in the country.  He'd better hope that his religious beliefs prove false, or he's in for a rough time when he meets his maker.

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Jean Valjean said...

Vengeance is mine, saith Holy Joe. Can't get over being rejected. He and Wiener should BOTH go work for Larry Flynt.