Friday, June 10, 2011

Less Important than Anthony Weiner

Here's a story from yesterday that the vast majority of our "liberal" press found far less interesting than Anthony Weiner's twitter habits:

"Ohio Congressman Is Convicted in Sex Case, but Aide Says He'll Run for Re-election

Representative Donald E. Lukens, Republican of Ohio, was convicted today in a case in which prosecutors said he had sex with a 16-year-old girl."

Goodness me, I wonder why no one in the media was interested in this story.


Magpie said...

1/ Because he's a Republican, obviously.

2/ Because there's no picture. You can get away with killing a million people provided there isn't a picture of your underwear showing how lewd you were about it.

Anonymous said...

You 2 idiots, the reason is that the story you cite is from 1989, which is 22 years ago.

Thank-you for wasting my time.

Jean Valjean said...

Bad news is, she was said to be 13 when he had relations with her. Good news, that was his obit you were looking at.

Anonymous said...

The other "Anonymous" is is from that long ago. Mistakes happen. This one does not diminish the admiration I have for GE for his consistent integrity and dedication to purpose. It was obviously a mistake and is forgivable.

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, you are absolutely right. I've been working really hard lately, and I have been so pressed for time, that I missed the whole thing about this article being the guy's obituary. No excuse, I should have been more careful. And I'm really sorry to have gotten Magpie involved. I try really hard to verify my posts, but this one got by me. I think it's the first one (out of over two thousand posts) that has, and I hope another two thousand go by before it happens again.

Anyway, I'm waiting for you guys to make similar confessions about the death panels, Obama's Kenyan birth certificate, the global warming "hoax" and about a thousand other lies that your sort deliberately spread.

magpie said...

I didn’t go to the link before commenting. My bad too, particularly in light of my comment on the previous post.

Perhaps we should get jobs at Fox News.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Your record, GE, is still far and away better than FOX NEWS. Sadly, most people on the right get their information from that propagandist entity, and that accounts for the many frauds (I'm looking at you, Palin) that are so prominent in the GOP.

You corrected your mistake--something that rarely happens when FOX broadcasts theirs.

Cardinal44 said...

Except when they use a picture of Tina Fey in a Pailin story by mistake.