Monday, June 20, 2011

Another Republican Economic Myth

Debunked by Brad DeLong, who is right so often that he has, of course, been denied a seat at the media table alongside such luminaries as Erick Erickson and Andrew Breitbart.

Brad presents this chart:

and comments:

"Not only is (the Republican) claim that Obama's policies and not the recession have "discouraged business investment" simply wrong--nonresidential business investment has grown under Obama much more strongly than other components of GDP--but the claim that business investment is lower than we would expect it to be at this stage of the recovery is simply wrong: it is higher."

Not that the truth will stop the mainstream press from swallowing whole the standard Republican lie about how bad Obama has been for the economy.


Jerry Critter said...

Gee, what a surprise! The republicans are wrong again...and again...and again...

Shaw Kenawe said...

I'm shocked, shocked, SHOCKED, I tell you to see [again] how the GOP and the "liberal media" lie about the economy.

*now where's my fainting couch*