Thursday, July 12, 2018

Stating the Truth

In an article today at Daily Kos which I want to bring to your attention, because the truth has become such an endangered commodity in this country.  This is exactly what I believe, and may I say that it is because it is the simple truth, no matter how hard political figures and mainstream "journalists" try to cover it up.  This is a rather long excerpt; the article as a whole is absolutely worth a read:

"These are the people who press their mistresses for abortions but who also are not vexed by abortion-providing doctors being murdered in their Kansas churches; they are confederate flag-wavers in Union states, miffed that new civil rights laws a half century ago slighted their own ne’er-do-well families in some never-quite-describable way; these are people who are so obsessed with the thought that someone better is looking down on them that they are willing to punch whatever kittens need punching in order to prove they're at least better at kitten-punching than the rest of you. The opioid epidemic is centered in Trump-supporting counties. The demand that brown-looking children be placed in detention camps for fear that a terrified 8-year-old might be a hardened gang leader is a phenomenon of Trump-Supporting counties. The insistence that Treason Might Be Good Now is peddled by Fox News celebrities to die-hard Trump supporters who will repeat and retweet it willing and eagerly; it was Trump supporters, Jesus-punchers every one, who gave Alabama crapsack Roy Moore their votes even after his exposure as a child molester—complete with Bible citations from “conservative” pastors arguing that Roy Moore trolling the malls for a child bride was, in fact, in fine Old Testament tradition...

Yes, the rest of us do indeed look down on these people. Those of us with actual family values do; those of us who care about honesty in government do; those of us who are not furious bulging-eyed racists do; those of us who believe thousands of years of scientific discoveries are worth more than the dribbling pronouncements of a street-corner charlatan do; those of us with actual religious convictions do; those of us who are actual patriots do.

And we're not sorry. Get your act together, you losers."

I don't write this out in such a straightforward manner, because I know that everyone who cares about human decency already knows what is going on, but it is very nice to see it stated openly once in a while.


Magpie said...

It's worse than that.

A solid core of these fuckers want the rapture. You could turn new shades of purple talking about family values and violence against children... they don't care. They've never been so close to blowing up the world and they aren't taking their eyes off that prize for anything so trivial as morality, reason or common sense. They want the end of everything.

Trump could be a block of cement or a mop, it doesn't matter - they see him as God's tool.

I actually said to my nearly grown children "I'm sorry, I seriously question whether the world will be as good to you as it was to me and your mother".

Green Eagle said...

I hope my grown children even live to a normal age.