Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Gun Nuts Show Their Strength!

I mean, remember the March for our Lives demonstrations a few months ago after the Parkland High School shooting?  Hundreds of thousands turned out in cities all across the country.  Here, for example, is a picture of the one in Los Angeles:
Well, advocates of letting gun companies make as much money as they can, no matter how many thousands of lives it costs ever year (i.e. Conservatives, A.K.A. the Family Values Crowd) were certainly not going to be outdone, so they also organized marches in ten or twelve cities across the country, which, in case you missed it, were held last weekend.  Here is a photo of the massive pro-gun crowd they turned out in L.A.
Yeah, all fifty or so of them, who marched one block at Pershing Square, before realizing what idiots they were making of themselves and gave up.

Of course, these jackasses are whining that the March for our Lives people had MASSIVE FINANCING! while their gun march didn't.  No mention of what the value of the endless publicity they got on NRA TV, Fox News, etc. was worth, of course.

As long time readers of my blog may remember, I love showing this sort of thing, which is the absolutely inevitable result of right wing protests, every time they are held.  There is a lesson that the American people need to learn from things like this, but the mainstream press, which is committed to insisting that 50 people on the right represent the same constituency as the hundreds of thousands turned out regularly by the left.  In fact, the press tells us endlessly that this pathetic handful of people actually represent real Americans, who vastly outnumber those liberals, who foolishly care about anyone else but themselves.

Republicans and the press working together:  The unstoppable force that is destroying our country.  The time to stop this was when the traitor Reagan saw to it that the entire mainstream media could be bought up by the same rich sociopaths who already owned the Republican party.  Now?  Looks like it may be too late, in a country where fifty violent maniacs are afforded more public support than all the decent people on earth.


Magpie said...

'realizing what idiots they were making of themselves"... not sure that bit is entirely correct.
If their stupidity was what they had instead of a nose I'm not sure they could find it in a bathroom mirror.

Jerry Critter said...

Magpie, Now that is funny...and true!

Green Eagle said...

Well, I suppose I gave them more credit than they deserve. If they ever really realize what idiots they are making of themselves, they would all kill themselves and get it over with. In fact, these are phony events designed to collaborate with the press in claiming that anything like what exists on the left is balanced by an equally strong movement on the right. That is what the tea party movement, entirely paid for by the Koch brothers and their ilk, was all about. They just want a few pictures to hang their lies on. This time, as usually, the pictures are dead pathetic, but it only took one block of marching to take the pictures, and then these people, who are in some real sense "crisis actors," could go home.