Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Another Giant Step Toward Fascism

This is in the news today:

"BREAKING: White House releases Executive Order to end competitive selection process for Administrative Law Judges, making them political appointees who can be fired at will."

There is a lot of talk already about how this will destroy a great part of the independent judiciary, and let a fascist boor like Trump fire judges for ruling against him.  I'll leave that issue for now, and just comment on this:  Can you remember back, say, two years ago when a President using an executive order for the most minor actions was absolute proof that he was a Communist would-be dictator?  Now, apparently crushing the independent judiciary without recourse is a perfectly acceptable use of Presidential power.

Anyone out there who still doesn't get it that this is the culmination of the decades-long plan of the Republican party to reduce the United States to a fascist country in which the interests of its people means nothing compared to the ability of a couple of thousand families to sieze the wealth of the whole nation?

And while I am on this pleasant subject, let me reiterate this:  Anyone who thinks that putting small children in concentration camps is really about illegal immigration is a fool.  The real point is to pick a helpless minority and use them to establish the principle that the government (in the hands of Republicans, anyway) has the right to use torture and imprisonment without trial to subdue anyone who doesn't do what they want.  First a little thing like this, and now we will see the pretext for arbitrary imprisonment widened incessantly until there is no discernible difference between our government's policies and those of the most vicious dictators.

Couple this with Trump's recent use of his pardon power to free a group of right wingers who are guilty of open treason and subversion against the country, and the methods of dictatorship are nearly in place.


Jerry Critter said...

It is becoming very clear that the Republican Party has given up any pretense of being supportive of the Constitution and government by the people. They are now the American Facist and Racist Party run by people who are interested only in personal power and money, and supported by ignorant, racist, white supermicist assholes who think these people will help them.

One Fly said...

Regrettably this is the reality and it sucks. Everyday new very bad shit going on and it can not be stopped at this time if ever.