Tuesday, July 10, 2018

God, There Is Just No End to the Malignant Idiocy of the Right

The latest chapter:  a 72 year old New Jersey couple, Carole Paladino and her husband, were in their house three days ago, when a gas explosion absolutely devastated it, killing them both:
A tragedy indeed, which even the local Fox affiliate reports as being without any suspicion of foul play, and very possibly related to their having had a new gas stove installed a couple of days before.

Well, without suspicion, that is except for a notorious Russian propaganda mill, and may I add, numerous right wing sites that have, in only three days, come up with this reporting:
"A highly disturbing new Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) report circulating in the Kremlin today says that a US federal government witness who was due to testify this coming week before a grand jury in the expanding FBI probe into Hillary Clinton and her Clinton Foundation was violently killed, along with her husband, in a massive explosion that completely obliterated her New Jersey home...
There is, of course, not one word in any mainstream news reports of this explosion, about Carole's being a government witness in anything, which is grotesquely unlikely given that she is a retired school nurse with absolutely no connection to Hillary Clinton.  So what was she supposed to be testifying about?

"Now deceased Carole Paladino, this report details, was the lead school nurse for Millville Public Schools located in Cumberland County, New Jersey—and whose inclusion in the SVR’s database of “potential witnesses” against the Clinton Foundation was due to her being a “central identified and named figure” in the creation of a document titled “Training Protocols For The Emergency Administration Of Epinephrine” for the New Jersey Department of Education.
"...the SVR’s database of “potential witnesses” against the Clinton Foundation..."   I mean, it is absolutely impossible to write a joke about this which is any more absurd than the actual reporting.
Carole Paladino...a “main target” person in the plot to force all New Jersey schools to purchase EpiPens...an unprecedented effort that encouraged States to require schools to purchase medical devices that fight life-threatening allergic reactions"

The "plot" to "force" schools to  be prepared for potentially life threatening conditions among their students.  Did you ever hear anything so evil?

And how does this all relate to Hillary?  Well, apparently, the parent company of a manufacturer of this product once made a donation to the Clinton Foundation, something about which, I am sure you will agree, a retired school nurse had a great deal of incriminating evidence.  So, two new names to be forever enshrined on the Clinton Death List, which now numbers over a hundred people.

And all of this story concocted in THREE DAYS!!!  Three days to go from a local tragedy to a prime specimen of Russian propaganda to a story widely reported as absolutely proven at numerous right wing sites.

And please keep this story in mind when you next hear the persistent Trump administration claim that the Robert Mueller is actually secretly investigating Hillary, and all of the pretense of investigating Trump is just a blind to hide the real target of the treason investigation.  This is such a combination of deliberate deception and deep mental illness that it has no known precedent in the history of our country.

There is just no way that anyone can think of to combat this sort of malignant lying, and it is destroying our country, while the mainstream press simply ignores what is going on.  This does not bode well for our ability as a country to straighten out and return to sanity.


Infidel753 said...

Well, this is a subculture that believes Hillary Clinton is running a giant child-molestation and cannibalism ring from the basement of a pizza parlor that doesn't have a basement (yes, there are people who still believe that). Then there's the whole Q-Anon thing. At this point we should assume they'll believe absolutely anything as long as it asserts some depravity about liberals.

I agree with you, there's no fixing this kind of stupid in most cases. All we can do is out-vote them and wait for them to die off.

Flying Junior said...

Potential witness in the investigation into the Clinton Foundation?

That is the very definition of deceived RW fake news. But you guys are exactly right. The consumers of this tripe believe all of this stuff, every bit of it, hook, line and sinker. They will never give up these erroneous beliefs until their dying breaths.

Unknown said...

No basements but plenty of tunnels they never said it was a basement look up the Dupont tunnels

Green Eagle said...

Who is "they," Unknown? I've seen a dozen different versions of this lie, ranging from the grossly offensive to the absolutely insane. I heard a number of them that referred to the basement at the pizzeria, but never heard a word about these tunnels until this new version of the lie that you are telling. What the fuck difference does it make whether the story is about a basement or tunnels, when we all know it is a malignant Republican smear without a shred of truth to it?

Magpie said...

Unknown's comment looks like re-direction, so you end up looking at tales of lizard-people.

Almost any major city will inevitably have disused tunnel systems, and then any disused tunnel system will inevitably attract weird storytelling. It is the perfect fodder for throwing information chaff at idiots who then feel smart for 'knowing' something weird. The mechanism by which propaganda is spread is utterly transparent to anyone with sense.

I think the Dupont circle is also the venue for a drag queen foot race at Halloween, so maybe that helps the hysterical set of Right wing moralists project dark (to them) images with some bonus side-hits out at the LGBT community. A bit of crosspollination of hate and nutjob theories, the propagation of which by nutjob media nearly got people killed.

Fucking depressing isn't it?

Green Eagle said...

Well, you are right there. Every time we can be induced to concern ourselves with whether the fictitious abominations took place in a basement or a tunnel, or a dirigible for that matter, is taken by them as an admission that these things actually took place.