Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Oh, That Wacky Michael Cohen!

Man, have there been a lot of articles lately (as with every time this jerk shoots his mouth off) about how Michael Cohen is GOING TO FLIP ANY SECOND AND TELL MUELLER EVERYTHING! because Donald Trump has dumped him.

What an idea!  Conservative does the right thing!  Yes, we have been waiting for that, oh, ever since the whale spit out Jonah, and it hasn't happened yet, but just you wait- here it comes.

Well, I am sorry to harsh your mellow, guys, but it ain't going to happen.  Here is what is obviously going on, although no one seems willing (as usual) to state the clear truth:  Cohen wants a pardon, because it is the only thing that is going to keep him out of prison on a whole bunch of charges.  And there is only one person who can give it to him.  Well, Cohen sent that guy a ton of signals about how much he loved him and how loyal he was and predictably got nothing in return.  As usual, Cohen did Trump's dirty work, and in return, Trump has tossed him on the garbage heap.  Well, appeals for even the kind of minimal loyalty you might expect from a mob thug came to nothing with Trump, so now it is time for the threats.  Not too big threats, of course, or Cohen may end up in an oil drum in New Jersey, next to Jimmy Hoffa, but little hints that he just might turn states' evidence, oh yeah.

Well here's the thing:  Cohen is never going to cooperate with Mueller.  Both Cohen and Trump know that their interest is in the same place, and that is keeping Cohen's mouth shut.  So, sooner or later, Trump will give Cohen what he wants, and Cohen will (if he has a shred of sense) disappear for good.  But the current notion that all of a sudden a cheap hood like Cohen is suddenly going to decide to do the right thing, or that an even cheaper hood like Trump will not do anything he can to keep Cohen's mouth shut?  Don't make me laugh.


Now Am Found! said...

yeah i think you are right

Magpie said...

Probably doesn't want to be tampered with as a witness by being thrown off a balcony.

joseph said...

Trump can't pardon Cohen for state charges. More importantly, Mueller doesn't need Cohen, he has all Cohen's documents. Cohen's cooperation would be nice for the Special Prosecutor, but hardly necessary. Same with Manafort.

Green Eagle said...

I agree with that, Joseph. Still, I am sure that Republican Omerta will apply here. Cohen will keep his mouth shut, and Trump will pardon him as far as is possible.