Monday, July 30, 2018

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

As the noose tightens around Trump's neck, he and his paid liars are of course resorting over and over again to just denying that what we know is sufficient proof of his criminality.  At this point, if Jesus Christ himself appeared in court to testify against Trump, Republicans would just insist that since his caring for the poor is a Democratic position, anything he says must be disregarded.  So it is important, I think, to consider at what point we can actually say that the case against him is proven.

I have two points to make about the inevitable Republican claims that Trump has not been proven to be a traitor beyond a reasonable doubt.  First of all, that standard is for a jury in a trial; the American people are entitled to form their opinions any way they want.  For Republicans it is just fine to assert all sorts of criminality over Hillary's e-mails, Benghazi or the Pizzagate scandal, even though these absurd smears have been disproven again and again, but it is still absolutely unacceptable to draw any conclusions from over eighty clandestine contacts between the Trump campaign and the Russians, and the blizzard of lies that Republicans have issued to try to deny what obviously happened.  We are far past the point that it is grotesquely unreasonable to deny the collusion between Trump and Putin.

Second, here is something I have not heard overtly discussed, but which I think is very important:  Donald Trump, as President, has immense power, which he uses every day, to frustrate, distort and destroy the investigation against him.  In this case, is it not reasonable that we must apply a far lower standard of proof when we investigate his actions, to compensate for the illegitimate use of his power to free himself from accountability?  Every thing we now know about this sordid affair is a scrap that has escaped the massive power of the Executive and Legislative branches of government to suppress. It is my opinion that, in the case of Trump, the challenge of reasonable doubt has already been far more than met; at this point, it is grossly unreasonable not to admit what is going on.

As of months ago, no reasonable person could believe that Trump is not a traitor.  At this point, the conclusion is so obvious that it takes a deliberate denial of reality to claim otherwise.  That is, of course, what Republicans intend to keep doing, but the rest of us need not fall for their bogus, insincere resort to supposed legalisms to prevent us from admitting the truth.


Poll P. said...

Well-reasoned and absolutely convincing. Lock him up!

Green Eagle said...

Be my guest, just don't expect me to feed him. Oh, maybe I'll slip him one of the chicken thighs I am about to cook up for the dog, if I'm feeling generous, but I may add a tablespoon or so of my home made Hunan hot black bean chili sauce before I do.