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Wingnut Wrapup

Let's just start this Wingnut Wrapup off with this wonderful post by the marauding infant, Ben Shapiro, over at Breitbart:

"Antonin Scalia’s Death Could Mark End of Constitution"

Now, there's nothing to stop the lizard people from taking over!  Any way, here are some of the wonderful comments from this post:

"If either Trump, Sanders, or Hillary gets elected (or one of the GOP Establishment's candidates), the Constitution is indeed finished.  Only Cruz is a Constitutionalist, even many of Cruz's detractors on both sides will admit this.  Save the Constitution 2016! Cruz 2016!"

Whatever.  Apparently, believing that the United States should be run by right wing religious lunatics makes you a Constitutionalist.  Those damned liberal teachers never told us that when we went to school.

"With Scalia's passing we may not even have elections, O'hammed is now our king. "

O'hammed.  That's a new one, even for Green Eagle

"Nothing compares to what we tax payers gave up to IRAN with the 150 BILLION $$ payoff to use to finance their nuclear bomb"

You mean the $150 billion of their own money that we gave back to them?  I guess "we tax payers" were fools for not stealing it, and then giving it to the Koch Brothers, where it really belongs.

"Sure, I'll bet you 20 upvotes O'hammed comes up with some crisis to declare martial law."

You've been betting on that for seven years now.  Too bad you are too gutless to bet real money on it.  I'll tell you what: Green Eagle will bet you $100,000 that Obama doesn't declare martial law.  Get back to me when you are ready to accept the wager.

"Obama is seeking to change the War Powers Act to include authority to declare Martial Law anywhere in the world including the U.S."

Well, no he's not.  But so what?

"It would be nice if as President, Donald Trump never set foot in Washington DC."

It would be nice if Donald Trump never set foot in front of a TV camera again, President (fat chance) or not.

"Worthy thought, but may I suggest that President Trump appoints Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court, ensuring that we would have a "constitutionalist" on the court for many years to come."

Well, or at least insuring that a schizophrenic has a place on the court.  Wouldn't that be fun? Well, enough of this.  On we go:

Before It's News:  "LAVOY FINICUM:A Great Martyr of the Movement...The 2nd American Revolution Has Officially Begun"

Unfortunately for you guys, the 2nd American Revolution officially ended, when the last Oregon holdout asked for a joint before surrendering.  The above, from a website currently featuring the following lead article:

Before It's News:  "How/When Will CIA Vanish Obama + Michelle?"

They are anxiously awaiting the day. Because we all know Obama is:

"Someone with no real family. Someone with a fake wife who might be a dude wearing a dress. Someone with two kids (obtained in Morocco?) to complete his cover identity. Someone with CIA-assigned SSN’s, a forged birth certificate, and a botched Selective Service card."

 And who would they like to see in the White House?

"For the next President, you can’t install a Good Guy (like Chuck Norris)"

Chuck Norris.  President Chuck Norris.  Doesn't that sound like a great idea?  I mean, he could just beat up anyone who was against him, amirite?  Or at least he could, before he was 75 years old.

Oh well, how about one more from these guys:

Before It's News:  "Breaking! Galactics Taking Control Of Earth! Cabal In Last Dying Breath, “They Have Not Surrendered But We Are Taking Over”, Says Sananda, Supreme ET Commander Of All Visitors To Earth, Under Direction Of Prime Creator"

And here's a picture of Sananda, so you can recognize him when he shows up:

Well, at least he's a nice white guy.  Actually, he sort of looks like Chuck Norris.

Okay, then.  On we go:

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Would Sanders Have Won Iowa If He Attacked Hillary On Her Email Fiasco?"

How about if he'd called her a lying criminal who is about to be indicted?  How about if he called her a murderer?  How about if he accused her of deliberately getting four Americans killed?  I mean, they are all lies, but that's the way the Republicans are going to campaign against her.  They just can't figure out why Bernie doesn't do the same thing.

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Hypocrisy: Democrats Blasted Cost Of Benghazi Committee, But Gave Staffers Thousands In Bonuses"

Matt, sorry to have to let you know this, but what the Democrats are blasting the Republicans for is that the entire Benghazi affair is a gigantic Republican lying smear.  They are not really all that interested in what it cost; if it cost a penny, that would be too much.

Terry Paulsen, Town Hall:  "A Marco Rubio Presidency Keeps Hope Alive"

Hope of what?

"His optimistic, unifying campaign message and young Reaganesque persona is in sharp contrast to the divisive rhetoric and negative personal attacks."

God, don't make me sick.  By the way, young Reaganesque persona?  Wasn't Reagan really old?

And now, the question that has been on everyone's mind:

Katie Pavlich:  "What is Carly Fiorina Doing For Debate Night?"

Even if she told us, who would believe a word she says?  Or care, for that matter.

And some more news that we have all been waiting for:

Streiff, Red State:  "BREAKING. Rand Paul’s New Hampshire Campaign Chair Endorses Ted Cruz"

Well, that changes everything.

Seton Motley, Red State:  "When Government Makes Your Choices for You – You End Up with No Choices"

Like, for example, if you leave it up to government, you won't have a choice between healthy water and poison water, or between getting medical care and just dying on the street.

Ron Radosh, PJ Media:  "Bernie's Adventures on a Stalinist Kibbutz"

Psst:  He's JEWISH!!!!

Over reaction, a little?

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "GROSS. Beyonce’s Super Bowl Performance Was a Racist Political Statement In Support of Marxist Cop Killers"

Give it a rest, Jim.  I don't even have the five seconds it would take to come up with a snide response to that.  And more Jim:

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:   "Jeb Bush’s Negative Tone Could Hurt His Family Legacy"

Ha.  What, the legacy of a three trillion dollar aggression against an innocent country, that failed after killing a million civilians, or the legacy of a near-depression caused by a President that existed for no other purpose than to funnel the nation's wealth to the hyper-rich?  Yeah, it would really be a shame to hurt that legacy.  Well, don't worry, Jim, the Bush legacy is written in stone for all to see from now until the end of time.

And now, a special edition of When Insanity Reigns, by an expert in the subject, Gina Miller, at Renew America:

"When insanity reigns, we have a God-hating, anti-American president who assures us that the global weather (yes, it's just weather), when somehow "miraculously" affected by my SUV, is the greatest threat we face, and millions of dupes believe him. 

When insanity reigns, a shrill, lying woman who should be a felon in prison, is allowed to not only run for president, but through massive election fraud, could possibly "win" the presidency. 

When insanity reigns, the powers-that-be insist on defining reality as whatever any given sexual deviant says it is 

When insanity reigns, those of us who recognize God's authority as the Creator of all that is...we become the "insane," the "lunatics." ...we are the "enemies of the state." We are the ones who must be silenced."

Insanity.  Like I say, Gina is an expert in the subject.  Let's just end with one more comment from Gina:

"I don't have to tell you how discouraging, infuriating and terrifying it is to watch the greatest, freest nation in the history of the world be systematically dismantled by the Hell-inspired servants of Satan who are now in power in the United States."

Well, there you go.  Insanity, indeed.

Joseph Farah, World Net Daily:  "Did you hear what Obama said at Prayer Breakfast?"

No.  Sorry.  Couldn't care less.

Mary Lou Bruner, Republican candidate for school board in Texas:  "Obama has a soft spot for homosexuals because of the years he spent as a male prostitute in his twenties. That is how he paid for his drugs."

And for the chain saw that he used to cut up all those teenagers in the movie.

Michael Leahy, Breitbart:  "Trump Punches Back at Obama’s ‘Belief’ He Will Not Be President: ‘You’re Lucky I Didn’t Run Last Time’"

Ooh, I bet that had Obama quivering under his bed.

Don Feder, American Thinker:  "All Aboard Starship Bernie!  Let's take a trip to an alternate reality where socialism works!"

Yeah.  It's called Europe.  I'm ready.  Let's go.

World Net Daily:  "The secret code in the Bible - deciphered"

But only if you buy a DVD from World Net Daily.  Or if you have one of these:

Personally, I'd trust the Captain Midnight decoder more than I would something I bought from World Net Daily.

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