Sunday, February 21, 2016


Well, I've got something else to blame Jeb! for, before the world forgets that he exists- he made Green Eagle look like an idiot for predicting that, eventually, the rich guys would have their way, and make Jeb! the Republican nominee.

At several points in the last few months, Jeb seemed to be steadying himself and moving back into the race, which should have been easy for him to do given the competition and his huge financial advantage. But every single time, he revealed himself to be the most pathetic candidate that anyone can remember.  And don't tell me that this is a result of some subconscious desire to sabotage himself.  No one gets this far in political life without wanting the prize; it is just that Bush showed a combination of almost unbelievable stupidity and a sense of entitlement unknown outside of the first sons of British Dukes, and the Kardashians.

And I guess that I am also guilty of underestimating a force that I have talked about for years, since long before it became an acceptable topic in polite discourse: the deliberate manufacturing, by the leaders of the GOP, of a huge cadre of people so inflamed by hatred and greed that their most obvious self interest, or the most basic human decency, no longer means a thing to them.  I guess I wrongly thought that, in the end, the real owners of the Republican party would manage to get their monster back in its cage, and things would move on as before, with a nominee like Romney, Bushes I and II, Dole, Reagan, Jerry Ford and Nixon- a nominee owned lock stock and barrel by the rich, and carefully trained to hide what he will actually do in office.

Well, if I miscalculated, so did they, and in a much worse way.  We now have only three real Republicans in the race, and all of them (despite Marco Rubio's efforts to hide the fact in his case) are creatures of the insane right.  And we must never forget that, in a nation where money can get a grotesquely unsuitable guy like George W. Bush close enough to the White House to steal it, and where the press is going to do everything it can (as with Bush and all the rest of them) to hide their catastrophic unsuitability to be President, anything can happen from here on out.


Jerry Critter said...

Either the rich guys have lost control of the Republican Party, or they have decided to elect one of their own.

Jerry Critter said...

Or perhaps they have decided to take control of the democrats.

Green Eagle said...

Adam, I removed your comment because it referred to an earlier post, where I repeated something I had heard and turned out to be wrong, and then apologized. I've had over 4,000 posts on this blog, and I think I have been found to have made a mistake three or four times. That's a pretty good record, and I am not going to let smarmy little trolls like you carry on with your attacks forever. If you want to attack me over things like this, start your own blog. It's free, and when you get to a couple of thousand posts without repeating lies in almost every one (as Conservatives do) I'll try to find the time to pay attention to you.

Marc said...

It still amazes me that the amount of money raised by Bush and the (totally not coordinating with him) Right To Rise Super PAC could be made ineffective by a reality TV star. But remembering how CA voted for the Governator, it shouldn't be as much of a surprise - Americans have been conditioned to think reality TV is real, and not a ratings gimmick. You vote for the politicians you have, not the ones you wish you had...and I'm voting (D) no matter who it is.

Magpie said...

I think you have said something a few times, GE, along the lines of the Republican Party whistling up a beast they can’t put down. You also said all along you might be completely wrong about Jeb!

When Trump disparaged McCain for being a POW… all these military-worshipping twits let it pass. When he broke from the Republican screed that responsibilities for the failures of 9/11 isn’t on Bush … they changed gears effortlessly and went with it.
Jeb! … the brother of the guy that failed as no president had ever failed before! - suddenly they are able to process that truth in Doublethink isolation from every lie they still let themselves believe.

Not only will these people believe anything, they will suddenly unbelieve it and not even notice.

All they want is someone somewhere to be brutalised and bombed so they can feel better about themselves.
Whoever promises them THAT the loudest – has their support.
That is Trump’s modus operandi: offer them nothing but the notion that someone somewhere is going to pay for the fact that being stupid and vicious doesn’t really pay off in life. Unless you’re a billionaire.

joseph said...

I try not to comment when I agree with you, which is generally all the time. I think commenters who simply agree should just hit an "I agree" button and save time and space. However, I thought I was the only one who noticed that the Republicans can't run on their economic policy of "money for the rich" and hope to remain a viable party. They are therefore left with the only policies they can hope to win on...emotion, primarily hate and greed.

Jerry Critter said...

Just a thought. Perhaps JEB! Is hoping for a brokered convention and he will be the compromise candidate.

TOM said...

Thanks for proving me correct again. It's true. You have no clue what you are talking about

Dikran Hagopian said...

Your anti-Armenian bigotry is coming through again.

There are plenty of Americans you can describe as stupid and entitled. You could go with Mitt the Twit and his spawn. You could look at J. Sydney McCain the III. You could pick the Hiltons -- Barron Hilton contested daddy's will so that a billion dollars that should have gone to charity went to his pockets instead (There's a chapter on that in David Cay Johnson's "Free Lunch" dedicated to this scam).

But no. Of all the Americans you could have picked, you just happened to chose the one single famous Armenian-American family instead. What a coincidence, you jerk.

You suggested earlier that Turkey give Kurdistan to the Kurds - while getting to keep northeastern Anatolia for itself, since it had exterminated the Armenians there. You mentioned the 70th anniversary of Hitler's fall in your blog, but, within a month of that event, never mentioned the 100th anniversary of the first modern genocide - I suppose it was because the victims were Armenians (which you then defended by saying you didn't mention what happened to people in medieval Europe, either).

All of these times means it can't be coincidence. You are an Armenian-hating jerk and anti-Armenian bigot.

Green Eagle said...


If you choose to have your people represented by the Kardashians, you are even more crazy than you generally appear. The Kardashians are symbols of the shallowness of American culture, and their popularity shames us all.

joseph said...

Speaking of the Kardashians... If Trump is the Republican nominee, what's next? Kim Kardashian for president. Campaign slogan, "Let's make America sexy again!" Campaign promise, "Everyone gets laid!"

Dikran Hagopian said...

"If you choose to have your people represented by the Kardashians,"

You're missing the point again, jerk.

I didn't make the choice. I just said it's the one famous Armenian-American family in the country. Quick, name another famous Armenian family.

Think of everyone else in America you could have described as "a combination of almost unbelievable stupidity and a sense of entitlement." The Hiltons? Conrad was of Norwegian-German ancestry, and they aren't really associated with anything. The Mitt Romney clan? They're Mormon, but so are the Osmonds, so it's not like you'd pick the sole famous Mormon family. The Jersey Shore gang? There are a bunch of famous Italian-Americans. Any batch of "Real Housewives" might work.

But no. Out of all the people in the United States, you picked the one famous family of Armenian-Americans. Given your previous history of anti-Armenian behavior, which I listed above, it's not a coincidence that you picked them, you bigot.

Green Eagle said...

Dikran, I don't want to be too mean to you because it is clear that you are suffering from signs of paranoid delusions. You really owe it to yourself to get some help.

As most of my readers know, I spend a fair amount of time covering right wing websites. I used to cover people like Pam Schuffert or Robin of Berkeley, but I came to understand that these people, as easy as they were to ridicule, were really suffering and needed our sympathy, not our contempt. From that time on, I have never featured such people in Wingnut Wrapup or anywhere else on my blog.

I am beginning to strongly suspect that you are a victim of a similar mental condition. With Obamacare, it is now much easier to get some help for yourself. Please do, because no one can be suffering from your condition more than yourself.

isaac said...

I wouldn't have even known the Kardashians are Armenian if Dikran hadn't come whining about them. I could (almost) see his point if Armenian was the only quality possessed by the Kardashians. But it isn't: they have personality traits and character flaws, and any time I criticize them it is based on that. And that was where GE's comment was coming from.

GE did not mention them beCAUSE they're Armenian--he mentioned them because they fir the profile of the behavior he was describing.

It looks like Dikran goes out of his way to look for racial slights and things to be offended by.

If it is that easy to offend his delicate sensibilities, there are pretty much only two options I can see:

1. Research the ethnicity of any subject coming under criticism for anything faintly Armenian in that target's background, or
2. Dikran might want to consider staying off the internet.

Anonymous said...

Green should study politics and its processes, or stop talking about something he knows nothing about.

Green Eagle said...

Anonymous, you should finish sixth grade.

isaac said...


You might get some credibility if you actually pointed out what GE got wrong, explained why it's wrong, and then providing the correct information and/or conclusion.

Are you up to it? Or is flinging anonymous monkey poo all you got?

Anonymous said...

Green, you already proved you don't even know what a primary is, who controls it, or when they stared, but that didn't stop you from spouting your false crap about the primary's. Thanks for proving you know nothing.

Green Eagle said...

"or when they stared..."

Who stared? What did they stare at?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Frank said...

Cher is Armenian. I have stared at her.

Dikran Hagopian said...

Isaac -

I wouldn't have had a problem if he had included the Kardashians along with the Hiltons and the Mitt Romneys as entitled, stupid families, or in a list of reality stars that included the Jersey Shore bunch and the various Real Housewives franchises.

Instead, Green Eagle made the Kardashians the only American representative on his list. That's my complaint - out of all the Americans he could have selected, the only ones were of Armenian descent.

And he tries to get away with his bigotry by calling me mentally disturbed. What a jerk.

Green Eagle said...

At the present time, there is no one in the country that more represents meaningless celebrity than the Kardashians. Maybe ten years ago, I would have used Paris Hilton as my example, but now, the Kardashians are our nation's symbol of mindless popularity.

You really need to lighten up and stop obsessing about your own personal concerns. The Armenian Genocide was a hundred years ago. It was a horrible thing, but it is not the number one thing we are all thinking about, any more than the massacre of the Albigensian.