Monday, February 29, 2016

Thomas Talks!

It's only been a couple of weeks since Antonin Scalia kicked the bucket, and today,

Clarence Thomas Asked Questions from the Supreme Court Bench!!!

Thomas has not asked a question from the bench in over ten years.

Things we will never know:  What did Big Nino have to hold over Thomas, to keep him silent for ten years?  Was one Supreme Court Justice being blackmailed by another one?

What a question, huh, and what a sad state when we even have to ask it.


Adam Alabaster, A-1 American said...

It is a sad state. Such a question suggests that the person asking it is paranoid and into conspiracy theories.

Green Eagle said...

Well, Adam, I think it is fair of you to suggest that. I just think that it is awfully strange that Thomas was silent for so long, and then, almost immediately after Scalia's death, he starts asking questions. Do you have a better explanation for this phenomenon? My wife thinks that the same people who told him all along to shut up and let Nino do the talking, have now told him that he has to step up and push their corrupt, anti-democratic agenda, now that Nino is gone, or they will cut off Ginny's bribes. That's probably the real explanation.