Friday, February 12, 2016

Not With a Bang, But With a Whimper

So, the latest right wing Patriot Revolution came to an end yesterday, the same way they all do-in miserable, humiliating failure.

Judging from the belligerent talk of the last four holdouts, we are lucky it didn't end with a few bangs, but instead, it ended for good, I think, when the last guy standing demanded marijuana before he would come out.  At that point, I think, any shred of credibility these people had vanished into the smoke from his bong.

Not that this is unprecedented.  The belligerent claims that they are just about to lead a revolution any day now always end in this sort of humiliation, when it turns out that, despite endless national publicity, their uprisings inevitably end up attracting a couple hundred people at most.  If you are interested in more of these ludicrous incidents, I would like to direct you to a post I made in December of 2014, listing a fair number of them which had taken place in the couple of previous years.

The truth is that, despite their own self-delusions, and despite what is essentially a conspiracy in the mainstream press to allow these people to present themselves as representing a significant number of Americans, they are little more than circus freaks.  As you can see by noticing that,  other than hard core observers like myself, and the ever-valuable Dave Niewert, coverage of them disappeared the minute the last guy took his last toke and stumbled out of his filth-ridden encampment.  I could hardly find a word of it on the nightly news, the very day the whole thing ended, while the reporters went back to their obsession with essentially meaningless (unless you're Marco Rubio) debates.

Now, as Niewert points out, all that remains to see is if LaVoy Finicum's death provokes another "lone wolf" violent attack, as Waco and Ruby Ridge led to the Oklahoma City bombing.  We'll see, but I think the hysterical behavior of the last holdouts during the final day, thoughtfully provided by the protesters themselves, must have rendered them so lacking in credibility that it will be hard to find anyone willing to kill to avenge this miserable failure.


Anonymous said...

How ironic is it that out of all those big, tough, camo-clad, gun-toting he-men the final holdout was a skinny, long-haired, pot-smoking tech nerd who isn't even a Christian (he's a messianic Jew)?

Green Eagle said...

There is no such thing as a "Messianic Jew." The whole thing was invented by Evangelical con men who weren't satisfied with suckering money out of their own people, and thought they would try to get some out of Jews too. Sure they suckered a few pathetic souls into buying into their nonsense, but in general, this movement has become nothing but one more way of ripping off their fellow Christians, just like most of the crooked appeals for money to feed the starving people in Africa or Asia, with ninety percent plus of the money they collect ending up in their own pockets.

Green Eagle said...

I looked a little more about your disgusting comments, and found this:


Another post was tagged #HitlerWasRight, another #Pray4ISIS."

Doesn't sound like much of a Jew to me. In fact, these "Messianic Jews" are virtually all right wing Christians, who hate Jews enough that they insist that the Messianic Jews are the real Jews, and all those other people are fake Jews. This is a doctrine which is inches away from Christian Identity, one of the most hateful and anti-Semitic Aryan supremacist cults in the United States, and one with a long, long history of violence.

Kevin Robbins said...

Green Eagle, I hope you didn't miss this performance. Between him and Michelle Fiore, Nevada seems to have a bumper crop of wingnuts.

Green Eagle said...

Well, Kevin, that was a treat. My favorite part is his claiming over and over again that a police roadblock was an "ambush." I guess they should be required to put up signs several miles in advance telling people about the roadblock. Of course, this only applies to white Republicans; it's perfectly okay for police to shoot unarmed black people multiple times in the back as the result of a traffic stop, or to murder 12 year old black children.

Anonymous said...

Green Eagle,
I'm so sorry. David Fry called himself a "messianic Jew" and I thought that was a regular thing like "southern" Baptist or "evangelical" Christian. Considering the source, I should have taken the time to look it up instead of just ignorantly referencing it in my post. I did some research so now I'm educated and I understand how offensive it is. Being an ignorant atheist is probably not a good excuse so, again, I sincerely apologize. I never meant to offend anyone.