Monday, February 8, 2016


I hope I can induce you to take a look at this short video showing the damage inflicted on the Syrian city of Homs by its government:

Drone footage over HomsAfter years of war, parts of Homs, Syria, are crumbling and deserted. New drone footage shows the extent of the devastation.
Posted by Channel 4 News on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

And Israel is regularly savaged for being the worst country on earth because they have knocked down houses belonging to suicide attackers.

Naturally, you only have to read down a little way in the comments on this video to find people blaming the destruction of Homs on Israel:

"West , USA , Isreal (sic) and Arabs states are responsible for all these in Syria" 

"constantly dying in Iraq and Syria due to the Government of the United States and Israel" 

" typical Zionism Christian blaming Muslim" 

"Typical Zionist responses everywhere. Let's blame Muslims and say that they typically blame Israel for all problems."


Hans "Grüne" Adler said...

It's not fair to blame Jews for what those evil Arabs do. If Israel kicked all those Muslim cockroaches out of the country, I'd be the first to support Jerusalem (not Tel Aviv as all those anti-Semite jerks do).

We Germans have the same problem. Stalin starved millions to death in his Holodomor genocide, and killed tens of millions more in his purges. There were death camps near Kolyma in which no inmates survived; we know them only by their records.

And yet, like people blame Israel when it was the first country to fight Syria and yell at them for liberating the Golan, they yell at Germany when it was the one country to invade Stalin's regime. Ukrainians cheered us on when German troops came in, liberating them from Stalin. And yet people say Germany's the most evil country in the world just because we went after the people who burnt the Reichstag or killed Ernst vom Rath in Paris.

Paris? That's where ISIS killed hundreds of innocents last year. Going after ISIS is the same as going after the murderers of vom Rath, yet we Germans get unfairly blamed for doing the latter, just as Israel gets unfairly blamed for going after Muslim terrorist vermin.

And I'm not surprised that Slav creep Putin supports the Syrian government. Slavs and Arabs, those snakes stick together.

I fully support your criticism of those anti-Semites who hate Israel. I love Israel just like I love my German homeland.

Adam Alabaster, A-1 American said...

Green Eagle,

How much is ISIS paying you to be their propagandist?

ISIS' Number One enemy is the Syrian government. Repulsive though he is, no one is doing more than Al-Assad to fight ISIS.

But you don't even mention the people ISIS has been killing. No, you're like that piece of garbage Hans up there. He doesn't mention all those Nazi crimes. He just says, look at how evil Stalin was, anyone who fights him must be the good guys. Like Germany. And you just say, look at how evil al-Assad is, anyone who fights him must be the good guys. Like ISIS.

Then you bring in Israel. We know Israel's good. So, by mentioning Israel, you connect them with ISIS, and make people think that Israel, which Syria hates, is good, so ISIS, which Syria also hates, must also be good. Sneaky, very sneaky. You're getting people to support ISIS without mentioning it at all!

Then you conclude by including statements by anti-Semitic jerks. (I'd say anti-Semitic jerks like Hans up there, but Hans is a totally different type of anti-Semitic jerk.) It's clear: opposing ISIS is just like being a Nazi!

When you attack al-Assad, please show us what ISIS has been doing to innocent civilians. That way nobody will know that you're a secret ISIS supporter and America hater.

Infidel753 said...

Knowing the area and having been to Syria, I found that video gut-wrenching. Even when the war is over, it will take years just to rebuild and recover.

I don't know if all the destruction is attributable to the government, though no doubt it's done its share. ISIL doesn't operate that far west, but other rebel groups do. If anything, I'm more and more coming round to the view that, as brutal as the Asad regime is, it may be the least bad option. The fact that it's now re-consolidating control over the country (with the help of the Russians) is the only thing offering any hope that this damnable war might wind down any time soon.

As for Adler's comment defending Israel by comparing it to Nazi Germany, responding to that would be a huge task, and I trust that your readers know enough history that it's not necessary.

Hans "Grüne" Adler said...

Adam -

I support Israel 100%. I support Netanyahu 100@. I am not an anti-Semite.

Infidel753 - Stalin was an atheist, too. I am not an anti-Semite, but Stalin was. And I'm tired of how Israel-haters all support Islamic vermin, just like all these Germany-haters support Slavic vermin like the Soviet Union. I'm saying that ISIS and Syria and Hamas are just like Stalin. Are you saying they're different? If so, which ones are the good guys?

Probably Stalin, since he's an atheist who killed many more people than ISIS and Syria and Hamas. God is with Israel, just like He is with us.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for proving how dishonest you are by claiming the houses Israel knocks down all belong to suicide bombers. You really are a bigoted idiot.

Sam240 said...

1) No doubt about it, the destruction of Homs and Aleppo are acts of evil. Just like the destruction of Gaza.

2) Large Green Bird has set up another strawman with the comment, "And Israel is regularly savaged for being the worst country on earth because they have knocked down houses belonging to suicide attackers."

No, LGB. Israel is condemned for destroying Gaza. I don't see how killing four children playing soccer on a beach in Gaza, an act Israel committed, can be described merely as "knocking down houses."

Here's a picture posted by an Israeli journalist showing Homs, Aleppo, and Gaza. Frankly, I find it hard to see much of a difference.

Syria, not Israel or the Jews, are to be blamed for the destruction of Homs and Aleppo; anyone who blames the Jews for those is an anti-Semite. Israel is to be blamed for the destruction of Gaza; anyone who blames "the Jews" in general is an anti-Semite.

We see from this that Green Eagle is an anti-Arab bigot. If he can rightfully blame the Syrian government for the destruction in Homs and Aleppo, what's keeping him from blaming the Israeli government for the destruction in Gaza? Instead, he blames the Palestinian victims for the destruction of Gaza. What a bigot.

[Let me point out that, unlike Syria's destruction of Homs, Israel is destroying Gaza in my name. If someone is using me as an excuse to commit a crime, I'd better speak out against that criminal first.]

Sam240 said...


Criticizing the Syrian government is not the same as supporting ISIS. Just because the Syrian government commits crimes doesn't mean that ISIS is pure. It's not an either-or situation.

I don't think Hans would listen to me, since he thinks I belong in Israel, and I insist that the United States is my homeland, but he's brought "you did it too" to its illogical conclusion. Yes, Stalin was a monster who tried to commit genocide, and, yes Hitler launched an invasion of the Soviet Union, but that doesn't mean that someone who's also committed to genocide is suddenly a good guy.

Green Eagle said...

Hans, Sam:

Can't be bothered to waste my time with your trolling.

Did you look at the video of Homs that this post was about?

The difference in treatment that the world, and people like you in particular, apply to Israel and to the surrounding Muslim countries is colossal. That treatment is about one thing and one thing only: the intent of people like you to find any excuse- a wall, a building demolition, expecting people to get a building permit or pay their utility bills, to justify their vicious hatred of Jews. That is the end of the story.

Anonymous said...

When you spew a lie like every home knocked down by Israel belonged to a suicide bomber, you deserve to be ignored for the lying idiot you are.

Green Eagle said...

No, some of them were built in flagrant violation of building regulations. Is it a crime to knock them down too?