Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wingnut Wrapup

Today's Wingnut Wrapup respectfully dedicated to Missouri State Representative Rick Brattin:

"...brain dead deadbolt extraordinaire Missouri State Rep. Rick Brattin has a nice idea. women who want or need an abortion must get a mans approval."

Rick, maybe you'd like to consider relocating your political career to Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, where they are far more on board with your line of thinking.

Cal Thomas, Town Hall:  "Why Release a Report on the CIA in Wartime?"

And of course, since we all know that we are now in a perpetual war against "terror" until the end of time, the American people don't have the right to hear the truth about anything.

Cal continues with the usual Republican cant:

"There is a dispute among politicians and intelligence experts as to whether these tactics resulted in any information that was helpful in defending the U.S. from another terrorist attack."

No, there is a "dispute" between those who accept the truth and Conservatives, who also "dispute" global warming, the existence of racism in this country, the age of the earth, evolution, Obama's citizenship, Keynesian economics and a thousand other facts- a dispute between the honest and the stupid, corrupt, hate-filled greedy people who call themselves Republicans.

Daniel Doherty, Town Hall:  "Cruz: "Our Friends No Longer Trust Us and Our Enemies No Longer Fear Us"

Ted, did you ever think about whether that might be the result of certain Americans electing corrupt, nonsense spouting demagogues like you?

Matt Vespa, Town Hall:  "Botched Rape Claims Won't Get You Fired At Rolling Stone, But Bad Music Reviews Could?"

You bet.  Rolling Stone is a music magazine, remember?  That's why they call it Rolling Stone and not Rolling Bone.

Rich Galen, Town Hall:  "Is it the Torture or the Telling...The closest I have ever come to being involved with torture was during my stint in Baghdad when I made occasional visits to the infamous prison: Abu Ghraib."

Hey, readers, I wonder if any of you made "occasional visits" to Abu Ghraib prison.  You know what?  I don't want to hear jack from someone who was close enough to the Bush administration that they could make "occasional visits" to their torture chambers.  Really, I mean, enough's enough.

Michelle Malkin, Town Hall:  "Welcome to TotCare: Obama's Preschool Takeover"

Oh God!  Now he's taking over the preschools!    And here's the outrage, according to this pathetic person:

"On Wednesday, the White House Summit on Early Education will unveil nearly $1 billion in new "investments" to "expand access to high-quality early childhood education to every child in America"

Investment in education! What a horrid crime!  And while we're on the subject:

Burke & Sheffield, National Review Online:  "Preschool Isn’t the Answer...Instead of pricy pre-K, promote job growth."

Right! Send those four year olds into the mines.  That'll fill up their free time, and give them a good head start on learning what to expect out of life in the new corporate America.

Bridget Mulvaney, PJ Media:  "Cheney: Report ‘Full of Crap’

Takes one to know one.

Washington Examiner:  "Issa: 'I'm the bane of Boehner's existence'"

No you're not, Darryl.  You are an egomaniacal liar who is an embarrassment to everyone who voted for you, and to the entire country.  But "bane?"  Don't put on airs.

World Net Daily:  "World's top atheist sounds a lot like Jesus"

Well, I'll tell you something:  I'll bet you that the world's top atheist sounds a lot more like Jesus than any right wing Evangelical Christian you are likely to run across.

World Net Daily:  "Dawkins becomes a creationist!"

Surprise! This article is not about famous evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins, as you might expect, nor even about Darryl Dawkins, late of the Philadelphia 76ers.  It's about some ex-veterinarian homeschooler named Karen Dawkins.  Talk about truth in advertising.

World Net Daily:  "Terrorists kill more than 5,000 in single month"

Still, a long way to go from the 37,000 in the United States alone that tobacco companies kill every month.  How about a war against them?

Carol Brown, American Thinker:  "Attacks against Darren Wilson continue"

None of them having resulted in putting eight bullets in him, I'd like to point out.

Craig Anderson, Tea Party Report:  "Ferguson – Full of Crap-Flinging Monkeys"

No, we're not racists at all, no sir!

Mack Davis, Town Hall:  " Senate "Torture" Report Takes Its Place on the Ash Heap of Shame...It is a pack of lies and misrepresentations. It is dishonest to the core and makes little effort to seem otherwise."

Which Mack knows because he was there, right?  He doesn't need any multi-year studies to know the truth.

Michael Schaus, Town Hall:  "Who Would Have Guessed that Santa was a Republican?...I have given it many hours of thought (no I have nothing better to do with my time), and I am convinced that Kris Kringle is (undoubtedly) a member of the Republican Party."

Republican?  Are you fucking crazy?  He gives stuff to poor kids.

Repair Man Jack, Red State:  "You Don’t Have To Tolerate Anti-Southern Bigots"

No, just treat them the standard Southern way:

Roger Simon, PJ Media:  "Who would join the CIA now, knowing your own government doesn’t have your back?"

Who would join the CIA knowing that it is a pack of vicious, lying torturers?  Oh right, Conservatives would.  Sorry- please forget that I asked such a stupid question.

Michael Walsh, PJ Media:  "Ted Cruz for President?  Unfortunately, the GOP "leadership" will do everything it can behind the scenes to make sure Cruz gets nowhere near the top of the ticket."

But not the Democratic leadership, Michael.  It would be a dream come true for them.

Guy Benson, Town Hall:  "Hmm: 'Team Marco 2016' to Huddle With Major GOP Donors Next Month"

Man, that is exciting.

Lee Duigon, News with Views:  "“It was pittie/ One so wittie/ Malcontent,Leaving reason/ Should to treason/ So be bent.But his gifts/ Were but shifts/ Void of grace:And his braverie/ Was but knaverie,Vile and base.” 

The poem with the funny spelling was written in 1584 to memorialize the execution of a traitor. But to me it seems to describe the current occupier of the White House."

Right, Lee.  Think your quoting sixteenth century poetry hides the fact that you are an ignorant racist?

Bad History Lesson of the Day:

"Greg Corombos, World Net Daily:  "Seventy years ago this month, American heroes successfully held the small crossroads town of Bastogne, repelling Nazi Germany’s last chance at a settled peace and making total victory in Europe all but guaranteed. 

Acclaimed author and reporter Dr. Jerome Corsi...carefully explores the question of whether divine intervention is responsible for the Allies prevailing against seemingly insurmountable odds and in horrific conditions."

Divine intervention, right.  I guess God must have been the copilot on an awful lot of those 5,000 bombing sorties that it took to destroy the oilfields at Ploesti, Rumania, Hitler's last source of fuel, because the allies wiped out the Germans at the Battle of the Bulge when all of the German tanks ran out of gas.

And may I remind you that the two things that Jerome Corsi is "acclaimed" for reporting are the Swift Boat lies against John Kerry and Obama's fake birth certificate.

Ben Carson, Town Hall:  "The recent release of a Senate report commissioned by Democrats regarding torture of terrorism suspects in order to obtain vital information was a waste of $40 million of taxpayer money."

Well, this time you are right, Ben.  Not that stupid Americans don't need to have this thing rammed down their throats, but first of all, we knew all of it already, and second, the gutless "leaders" in Washington aren't going to do a damned thing about it.

Brent Bozell, Town Hall:  "Sen. Ted Cruz and Sen. Elizabeth Warren are polar opposites, a Tea Party conservative and an Occupy Wall Street socialist."

This is the right's latest approach to the threat that is Elizabeth Warren- call her the Ted Cruz of the left.  Never mind the fact that Cruz is a mentally disturbed person who was brought up by his delusional father to believe that God has chosen him to run the country, while Elizabeth Warren is a highly respected former Harvard economics professor.  Actually, the comparison does serve a purpose, however- to highlight the difference in what it takes to rise to prominence in our two political parties.

Jonah Goldberg, Town Hall:  "Jonathan Gruber Should've Been Time's Person of the Year"

Actually, by those standards, Jonah Goldberg should have been Time's person of the year, because Gruber said one stupid thing this year, while Jonah has said a thousand.

Ben Shapiro, Town Hall:  "The Suicidal Hashtags of the West"

If you really think that article would be worth reading, you are hopeless.

John Warren, Town Hall:  "Why Benghazi Still Matters"

It's all they've got.

Toby Westerman, Renew America  "Jesus is with us, whether the left likes it or not"

He just loves hatred and greed.

Shahriar Kia, American Thinker:  "U.S. Cannot Remain Indifferent on Human Rights Violations in Iran"

It can, however, remain indifferent to human rights violations in Ferguson Mo, Cleveland and New York.

And with that, enough for one day.


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