Saturday, August 30, 2014

What We Are In For

In the next six to eight months- Green Eagle's prediction.

At the present, I think the "leaders" of the Republican party are clinging to just enough power to prevent the delusional masses that make up their base from committing political suicide by shutting down the government or voting to impeach Obama before November 6th.  But the truth is that at this point, they are riding the proverbial tiger, and we all know that sooner or later they are going to end up inside.

After the mid-term election, all bets are off.  And I must tell you that I think all of this has very little to do with whether they manage to seize control of the Senate.  At this point, they have perfected their anti-democratic scheme to frustrate anything the majority tries to accomplish anyway, so all they will really gain is a chance to engage in more Darryl Issa style posturing until they are unseated in 2016.

However, win or lose, this is what they can accomplish:

"One should not mistake the extremists in the Republican party as just teabaggers. The entire party has lurched to the extreme right according to the recent threat by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and party unity advocate Paul Ryan, to shutdown the government as a means to a bad end for Americans. 

McConnell’s campaign tactic of announcing Republicans will use a government shutdown threat to force President Obama to adopt the Koch brother, ALEC, and teabagger agenda if Republicans control the Senate would be laughable if the GOP was not serious. Unfortunately, they are serious and have an agenda to undo everything America accomplished over the past five years, and several decades, to punish the people for electing President Obama."

The only objection that I have to this comment is the notion that the government shutdown is a "campaign tactic."  It is in fact just the opposite: a way to force the government to cater to the interests of their obscenely rich backers without winning the consent of the governed.  That is why Mitch McConnell et. al. are trying desperately to walk back their comments and put this off until after the election.

Along with the government shutdown is the other spectre brooding over our political scene: impeachment.  It must be clear to any sentient observer at this point that large numbers of the Republican leadership and a significant majority of Republicans in general are hungering for another impeachment circus. As soon as the election is safely behind them, and voters are helpless for another two years to exact retribution for their sedition, we all know that impeachment resolutions are going to be flying all over the house, and it is my belief that, within a few months someone will manage to introduce one that will succeed in getting sufficient support among Republicans to pass; and at that point we are off to the races again.

Thus the seal will be set on the grand program of Newt Gingrich to establish a new form of Republican governing.  It is my belief that, when the Contract with America failed so ingloriously in the nineties, Gingrich was among the first to accept the fact that, because of changing demographics, the Republican party would never again be able to win the support of a majority of the American people.  He began to craft a new way to run the country, one that sidestepped democratic institutions in favor of an endless round of lying, cheating and corruption, a system in which the money of the very few trumped the will of the vast majority (of course, largely made possible by the unleashing of criminality by the Reagan administration.)

At this point, the entire Republican party is a cesspool of corruption, and if they carry through on these two desires, they will have pretty much sealed their status as the party of sedition, until they wither away and die along with their aging demographic.  Unless, of course, they succeed in destroying the country first- a very real possibility.

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