Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mass Panic Is The Answer

Well, as anyone could have predicted, the right is working itself up into a fury at President Obama's refusal to display a state of utter craziness over the death of one American at the hands of ISIS.  A good case in point, one of the great number of Conservative pundits who have never been right about anything in their lives, Bill Kristol, here in an interview with Newsmax (no link to this sort of thing, as is Green Eagle's habit:)

"Conservative editor Bill Kristol says President Barack Obama's lackluster response to the beheading of American journalist James Foley smacks of the dismissal of the Nazis during World War II. 

"To have an American murdered and have the president just go out and say he's very angry . . ...These guys are coming after us. They're coming after any American they can get their hands on and others in the region. They're going to come after Poland and Americans elsewhere in Europe and others," Kristol said. 

"Obama's response is so inappropriate, so out of scale to the magnitude now of the challenge and the grotesqueness, really, that is this group."

"Lackluster."  Well, I for one want to thank President Obama for not falling prey to the conservative bait and acting like the world is coming to an end.  He will have his retribution- just ask Osama Bin Laden.  And he has no intention of panicking world financial markets or inducing large numbers of American to cower under their beds.  He's already shown that a few airstrikes can inflict significant damage on ISIS, and fill them with so much fear that they have downgraded their behavior from a strong military advance to a pathetic stunt like this.  Yeah, one unarmed American was barbarically murdered by ISIS, but one unarmed American met the same fate last week at the hands of the Ferguson Police Department, and I don't see Bill Kristol and his compadres calling on Obama to attack them, or calling them Nazis.

Obama has set exactly the right tone here.  This group, no matter how vicious and barbaric, is no threat to this country, and what is more, Obama has made it clear that if they become enough of a threat to anyone else, he's ready to do something about it.  In the meantime, he is determined to see to it that ISIS does not get a huge propaganda victory from this incident, which is all that the Bill Kristols of this world would accomplish if they had the chance to control things.


Jerry Critter said...

Poor Billy Kristol has his balls in his throat. All he can do is bitch and complain.

Todd said...

Republicans have a history of incorrectly identifying Americas real enemies, then attacking and killing innocent people while they prance around like proud peacocks.

Green Eagle said...

As a perfect example, see my post above about John McCain.