Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Hey, I bet you guys didn't even know that we are in the middle of National Impeach Obama week.  From their website (I mean, everyone's got one these days) here is the only photo so far of a demonstration:

Impressive, no?  Well, Green Eagle thinks he'll go back to worrying about the volcano in Iceland.

And More:  Green Eagle just couldn't give it a rest.  I searched until I found some pictures of these impeach Obama events around the country.  Here's what I found before I got bored and gave up:

redding CA:  8 people
riverside CA: 1  (really, one)
Jacksonville FL: 5
Savannah Georgia:  this was the same picture as Redding, making me wonder if anyone at all showed up at those two events
San Diego CA:  5

As I went on, I saw the same pictures over and over again.  They are most likely from earlier events.  Either way, I think we can say that this week is turning out to be as big a failure as all the other rallies and marches to kick Obama out.  Coming on the heels of Ferguson, where we saw what a real popular protest looks like, this seems even more than usually pathetic.

And Give It A Rest already, GE:  I saw this headline at the Western Journalism Review about Impeach Obama Week:

"Groups Across The Country Are Uniting To Do Something Huge That Could Terrify Obama"

I guess not.


Sammy said...

Obviously it's not a serious issue so why waste your time?

Green Eagle said...


A worthwhile question. I try to explain this once in a while, and I will do this in a post, as it is too long for a comment.

Infidel753 said...

Why "waste time" on it? Well, the fact that some of the more out-in-orbit Republicans in Congress are talking about this makes it a potential issue. If they do press this, it would create a pointless political circus for months, especially if Republicans have won control of the Senate by then, and could distract Obama from working on actual issues. More sensible Republicans have been warning that impeachment would be unpopular with the broader electorate, but the foaming-at-the-mouth teabagger base is pretty enthused about it.

And however few they are, you can't deny their dedication, if those 8 people in Redding CA would then fly all the way to Savannah GA to march for the camera again.:-)

ez said...

For the past few years every month or so we get Lyndon LaRouche zombies on the corner opposite the Post office attempting to get signitures on a petion to impeach Obama.


Sammy said...

If Republicans are dumb enough to try, Obama would be even dumber to waste any of his time on it.

Green Eagle said...

Sammy, I've posted my reply to your question, if you still care. I'd like to hear what you have to say about it.

Sammy said...

Your post and my response got off track. All I was talking about was the impeach Obama issue. I never implied that keeping track of Republican idiocy, or countering it was a waste of time. priorities have to be made and I think the impeach Obama issue is going nowhere and is distracting from beating Republicans at the polls.

Green Eagle said...

Well, we will see. I still believe there is going to be an almost overwhelming Republican groundswell for impeachment immediately after the election. It is all the leaders of the party can do right now to keep the lid on it until November. After then, all bets are off. I think impeachment resolutions will be introduced in the House, and there is a very real likelihood that they will be passed by Republicans. Of course, even if the Democrats lose the Senate, there is no way that Obama can be convicted, but Republicans will have dealt another blow to the rule of law, and that is enough of a positive outcome for them that they will be happy.