Monday, August 25, 2014

More from Bartharbunga

Well, it has been a couple of unusually slow news days, giving Green Eagle plenty to worry about concerning the threatened massive volcano eruption in Iceland.  If you have been following this story, here is an update from Daily Kos, which has been following the story.  Think it has nothing to do with you?  A previous Icelandic volcano eruption a couple of hundred years ago caused the Mississippi river to freeze down to New Orleans.

Here is a little map of earthquake activity in the area over the last ten days:
The color of dots indicates the day the earthquakes occurred.  As you can see, there is this swarm of earthquakes leading out from the volcano in a more or less northeasterly direction.  This is caused by lava, in a quantity roughly equal to the flow of the Hudson River, forcing its way through solid rock.

Maybe it will all go away; maybe not.  No one really seems to know at this point.

So far, I haven't found anyone blaming this on Obama yet, but that will come soon enough (in the form of God's punishment for not...blah, blah, blah.)


Magpie said...

There are no active volcanoes in Australia. We banned them.
Not putting up with that sort of thing. That's what New Zealand is for.

The war on cyclones is not going so well though.

Green Eagle said...

There are no volcanoes in Australia, but there are Kangaroos. If they all jumped at the same time, that could cause an earthquake too.