Tuesday, August 19, 2014

What It Is All About

So I'm making a nice batch of Ragu Bolognese, and watching TV while I'm at it.  I see Chris Hayes, who has really done a pretty good job with his Ferguson reporting.  Today, he's going around talking to residents of Ferguson- the mayor, a barber, etc. about how they are going to come together after what has happened.

You know what, Chris?  In the end, this is not about coming together.  This is about white people giving up the stranglehold they've had on this country since its inception, and letting other people have an equal chance.  It would have been a hell of a lot easier if whites hadn't spent the time of their ascendency treating everyone else like human garbage, but that's what they decided to do, and a lot of them are still at it.  So now, that's the rule in this country- whoever is on top gets to destroy the lives of everyone underneath.  This is what our real problem is: giving the others a seat at the table, while somehow convincing them not to treat white people the way whites treated them.  And every Ferguson, every Zimmerman, makes that harder to do.  Every vicious act of hatred perpetrated by white people makes it that much harder for their victims to turn the other cheek.

Because, like it or not, the days when white people made the rules are coming to an end in this country.  Maybe they will end peaceably, maybe they will end up like the French Revolution.  All I know is these racist crackers had better change their ways really fast, or they are going to end up with their heads in the guillotine.


Jerry Critter said...

People in power rarely, if ever, want to relinquish any of that power if they don't have to. In fact, it often goes the other way. The power becomes concentrated in fewer and fewer hands.

Our constitution is an attempt at spreading the power to all citizens. The citizens have chosen not to do their part. Until that changes, we will continue down the road we are traveling.

Jerry Critter said...

Led by the rich, and governed by the opportunists elected by the stupid.

Green Eagle said...

Of course, I've had to delete a comment by that ass Anonymous, blaming it all on Obama. Take a look at my post above this one. I'll be deleting a comment from Anonymous soon blaming that on Obama too.

Todd said...

Of course there have been non racist white people in America all along. There is a stranglehold by racist white people in parts of the country. To include all white people, is wrong. This comes down to people not voting, especially when the majority of residents are black, but only 5% of blacks voted in the last local election.

Green Eagle said...

Of course you are right, Todd. It certainly is not all white people I am talking about. Not all White people are bad guys, by any means, but in this case, virtually all bad guys are white.