Friday, August 15, 2014

Meet The New Reporter...

This totally unexpected news today:

"Chuck Todd has been named as the next host of "Meet The Press," NBC News confirmed Thursday. Todd is replacing David Gregory, who is leaving both the show and NBC News as a whole after 20 years with the network."

As far as I am concerned, this news would have been equally significant if it had amounted to this:

"In a major shakeup at NBC, David Gregory has been replaced as host of "Meet The Press" by David Gregory, who is expected to bring an incisive new approach to covering the news that we could never expect from the former host, David Gregory.

In further news, Wolf Blitzer at CNN will now be known as "Wolf Blitzer," and will continue to offer the laser-like perspective on current events that we have come to expect from Wolf Blitzer.


Jerry Critter said...

Meet The Press will continue to be meet the press with republican bullshitters.

Green Eagle said...

Or how about if we rename it "Meet John McCain"