Saturday, July 26, 2014

Wingnut Wrapup

Mark Davis, Town Hall:  "Gaza, Ukraine, Border Crises Have Roots In a Weakened America...(Obama's) stewardship of America’s decline is a prime cause of Mideast turmoil, Russian adventurism and a porous southern border."

And restless leg syndrome. That's Obamas's fault too.  Here's some more incisive opinion from Mark:

"...even George W. Bush, who kept us safe with a war taken to the enemy after 9/11, supported a ridiculous “two-state solution” that hastens to grant Palestinians a nation well before they show any aptitude for non-terrorist self-governance..."

He kept us safe after 9-11.  AFTER 9-11.  After the worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil.  He gets a pass on that one. See, 3000 dead Americans on American soil just wasn't Bush's fault, but an airplane shot down halfway around the world by people who we have absolutely zero control over was clearly Obama's fault.  Because he is weak- which apparently consists in not squandering trillions of dollars and hundreds of thousands of lives only to make the Middle East worse.  Now, that's strength.

Streiff, Red State:  "“It may be a terrible tragedy”: Flight MH-17 and the overweening narcissism of Barack Obama"

There you go- it's Obama's self-love that shot a plane down.  Man, that guy is powerful.  No wonder they're worried about him becoming a dictator.

I had some more of this jackass blaming of Obama for something we had nothing to do with, but that's all I can stand, so let's just go on to a real expert:
John McCain, professional TV show loudmouth:  "I don’t understand this president. The crisis on the border. He did the fundraisers, the fundraisers in New York while they’re major conflicts, not to mention the loss of American lives. It was reported there were Americans on the airplane. I do not understand it. I think your network has already played the clip of Ronald Reagan’s reaction when the South Korean airliner was shot down. This is just what we used to call in the military A-W-O-L."

So Ronald Reagan threw a tantrum, and Obama didn't.  That really shows how much better a leader Reagan was.  And by the way, speaking about AWOL, John, you spilled your guts to the North Vietnamese, and told them everything you knew, you traitorous son of a bitch.  Let's see your lies top that.

Kurt Schlichter, Town Hall:  "Liberals Hate Civil Rights... Liberals never met a civil right they didn't dislike. As with everything about liberal ideology, liberals’ great concern for civil rights is a scam, a lie, a fraud designed to sucker in the weak-minded and disguise their goosesteppy inclinations.  Sure, liberals pose as advocates of civil liberties, but only when they don’t have the power to squash them."

Why, that's a unique perspective, I think you will have to admit.  It will take a lot of historical evidence before people accept that.  Well, don't worry, Kurt Schlichter delivers the goods:

 "In my new book, Conservative Insurgency, a speculative future history of the struggle to restore our system and culture, the left’s coordinated attack on our Constitutional rights is one of the biggest motivations for the pushback that results in conservatism’s final victory."

Yes, Schlichter proves his point by citing a science fiction book he wrote himself, in which everything he claims is true.   Preposterous lie and self-enriching advertisement in one tidy package- Conservativism at its finest!

Well, Kurt, you should read my new book, in which ten foot tall flying monkeys from the moon invade the earth, decide they like it here, and everyone ends up singing "Old Man River."

Richard Fernandez, PJ Media:  "Is the U.S. About to Be Blindsided by a Major Terrorist Attack?"
Well, not that Richard has any evidence of, but what a perfect opportunity for a lazy writer to attack Obama.  At least one thing we know for sure: if someone comes to Obama with evidence of an imminent attack, at least he won't tell them "Okay, you've covered your ass" and then ignore them, like Bush did before 9-11.

Gina Miller, Renew America:  "Impeach Barack Obama, the anti-American, Marxist fiend"

Fiend.  Now he's a fiend.  Let's just move on.

But Wait! The real crazy doesn't stop with Gina:

Bryan Fischer, Renew America:  "Obama politicizes air tragedy to promote sexual deviancy"

This seems to be about the fact that there were some AIDS researchers on the Malaysian airplane, so Obama should have looked at the good side, because more gay people may die as a result.   Note:  If there is anyone out there who still believes in such a thing as "compassionate Conservatism,"  this ain't it.

Michael Bresciani, Renew America:  "Ultimate definition of hypocrisy - Dems spinning border invasion as humanitarian crisis"

Helping starving, sick children fleeing from murderous regimes which our country has supported for decades is abominable, when we could just send them back to die, because they are invaders.  How common decency has now become hypocrisy, while sociopathic indifference to the plight of the helpless has become patriotism, I'm not really sure, except that I do know that the Koch brothers are making money out of it somehow.

Matt Barbour, Renew America:  "From behind a smoking sniper rifle high atop his ivory tower peers the secular-"progressive." He surveys his many victims, strewn across the American landscape below and mockingly sneers, "War on Christianity? What war on Christianity?"

He then resumes shooting, all the while insisting that those uncooperative Christians who scatter for cover behind the word of God and the U.S. Constitution somehow suffer from a "persecution complex"

Oh yes, liberal intellectuals shooting at people from towers- that happens every day.  Matt continues:

"In the ongoing culture war, it seems there are no rules of engagement. The secular left will accept nothing short of unconditional surrender. That is to say, the pagans demand that we Christians abandon the biblical worldview altogether, and adopt their own."

No we don't.  We just want you to shut the fuck up and leave us alone.  And by the way, Matt, one of those commandments from God was "thou shalt not bear false witness."  I guess you forgot about that one.

Katie Pavlich, Town Hall:  "Harsh Gun Control Law Kills More Jobs: Beretta Leaving Maryland For Tennessee"

Of course, loose gun laws kill actual living people, which is okay, I guess, as long as they are not rich people.  Anyway, moving jobs to another State isn't quite the same as killing them, is it?

J. Christian Adams, PJ Media:  "Shirley Sherrod v. Breitbart Update: Big Law Fuels the Left"

"Big Law" ruled in favor of a woman who was lied about in a concerted campaign from the right, and who lost her job as a result of the lies, over the people that told the lies.  Favoring the victims over the criminals- the very essence of left wing jurisprudence, and what an abomination.

Bridget Johnson, PJ Media:  "Bipartisan Bill Moving Forward to Condemn Obama for Taliban 5 Release"

That would be a house bill with 82 sponsors: 81 Republicans and one Democrat.  That's bipartisanship alright.  Oh, by the way, the one Democrat was Nick Rahall:

"Rep. Nick Rahall of West Virginia says he supported George Bush more than Barack Obama"

Democrat, right.  Oh well, he will be gone soon.  He's in a district that went for Romney by 33%, and he is way behind in the polls.  This is one Dem I don't think we'll miss.

Oleg Atbashian, PJ Media:  "Sarcastic Posters Meet Obama at Silicon Valley Fundraiser"

Boy, that must have really hurt his feelings.

Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit:  "Obama Monkey-Banana Signs Pop Up in East Russia"

That must have hurt his feelings too.  Man, Conservatives have to take comfort in some pretty pathetic victories these days.

Renew America:  "Congressman vows to investigate Google searches of 'America' movie"

Well, I'm glad they're doing something.  Did I mention that this is a Republican congressman?  Oh, you already guessed that?

Andrew C. McCarthy, Renew America:  "Will Obama snatch defeat from the jaws of victory over Hamas?"

And here I didn't even know that he was in the war.

Cathy A. Burke, Newsmax:  "Report: Militants Moved Next Door to Benghazi Mission Before Attack...Islamic militants ultimately blamed for the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. mission in Benghazi, Libya, raised concerns when they boldly moved next door to the facility, yet "nothing was done," Fox News reported Tuesday."

Benghazi- the lie that will never die.  And by the way, what were the Embassy staff supposed to do, have lots of loud parties and hope the militants would get disgusted and move out?  Keep vicious pit bulls in the back yard and let the fence fall down?

And I like this:

"Republicans in May entrusted a seven-member team with "getting to the truth," in the words of House Speaker John Boehner, about whether the Obama administration misled  Americans about the deadly attack.  Five Democrats also are on the newly formed select committee to investigate the attack."

Of course, they really aren't on the "team."  They're Democrats, so they are not really Congressmen.

Enough.  See you soon.


Magpie said...

“you should read my new book, in which ten foot tall flying monkeys from the moon invade the earth, decide they like it here, and everyone ends up singing "Old Man River." “

I told David Icke you’re working on that. Dave’s very excited.

“Harsh Gun Control Law Kills More Jobs”

Grief counsellors, gun trauma specialists, child funeral arrangers, slain police family benefit directors … it was our experience that these people appreciated a less brisk working day.
But hey….we’re just lazy foreigners, what would we know?

Green Eagle said...

Can David sing tenor? There might be room for him in the chorus when the musical adaptation goes to Broadway.

Magpie said...

Well he’s keenly interested in vibrations….
Some sort of performance work might be appropriate - got a lot of time for Insane Dave as a kind of dry-delivery intellectual court jester.
And sceptics have been known to pause rebuttals when Dave alleges Dick Cheney to be a blood drinking reptilian.

joseph said...

And for all those Israelis who think that right wing republicans are their salvation

Green Eagle said...

Joseph, just to set your mind at ease, my experience in Israel leads me to believe that Israelis mostly don't know a thing about right wingers in this country, and don't give a damn about them. Believe me, they are not relying on these malicious crackpots to ensure their security.