Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Don't Call Up That Which You Can't Put Down, Chapter 2

From Daily Kos, an excellent summation of the position which six years of screeching for impeachment of a centrist President has left the Republican party:

"Don't call Obama a tyrant.

When you call Obama a tyrant wingnuts want to impeach him

When wingnuts want to impeach Obama Dem voters get motivated to vote in off year elections.

The GOP really has two choices here, either shitcan the looney impeachment talk OR admit that Obama isn't the lawless tyrant hell bent on destroying the constitution that they've painted him as for the last 5 or 6 years.

But the GOP can't do either of those things or their rabid teabagger base would throw them out faster than you can say Eric Cantor.

Whereas Obama can now continue to rope-a-dope these schmucks to his hearts content
Don't want to pass a real immigration reform bill that addresses a clear pathway to citizenship? I'll just get my pen and my phone. There is an Executive Order for that.

Which will make wingnuts howl for impeachment

Which will make Dem voters realize they need to get off their asses and vote in 2014."

It has been a real spectacle the last few days to see Republicans all over the country, after promoting impeachment for six years, suddenly realize where they are taking themselves.  Now, in the most preposterous specimen of Obama blaming in their whole history, they are trying to blame Obama because they have been howling for impeachment.

So they are trying to shut their people up until November, because they know that if the impeachment train leaves the station before then, they are screwed- every Democrat in the country (including the dead ones in Chicago) will turn out to vote, and the right wingers will be wiped out.

Don't think impeachment is over, however. We all know that, though that impeachment train I referred to is still in the station, it's all coaled up and ready to go; and the day after the election, win or lose, the Republican "base," the out of control monster they deliberately created, is going to demand that the leaders come through on their promise to kick the guy out.  Not that they can, but what they can do is make the country even more ungovernable than it already is, and in the process make it that much easier for their rich masters to muscle their way into control of more and more of our resources- which is all they were ever after.

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