Friday, July 4, 2014

Thanks, Obama

Well, of course the supposed explosion of children escaping from Central America and trying to make it into the country is Obama's fault, right?  Here's a sample of the current Republican cant on the subject, contained in an e-mail that I (for some unknown reason) got from Rand Paul:

"President Obama turned an already bad situation into a debacle.

Due to his lawless executive orders, a crisis on our southern border exploded as tens of thousands of immigrant men, women, teenagers and even children streamed across our border and illegally entered our country."

So, a situation that has been going on for decades is suddenly Obama's fault.

Let me make this clear to anyone too ignorant to know the truth about things:  Illegal immigration into the U.S. from the impoverished Central American countries is one more species of blowback- the price we are paying for a century of exploitation of these nations on behalf of United States business interests.  Have you forgotten the multiple overthrows of Central American governments conducted by the United States since the 1920's, and reaching a peak in the Eisenhower administration, when both the Secretary of State and the head of the CIA were on the board of directors of the United Fruit Company?  Have you forgotten Ronald Reagan's creation of an army of drug-dealing terrorists to overthrow the democratically elected government in Nicaragua?  These are the real criminals in the refugee situation, not Obama, who is only trying to deal with a situation which has provided Republicans for one more round of fictitious, jingoistic attacks.

We are paying for the crimes perpetrated by this country in the past, largely, may I add, during Republican administrations.  But of course, it's much easier for the press to just repeat Republican lies than it is for reporters to stand up to the howling mobs and try to tell the truth.  Is it any wonder that large numbers of Americans now regard Obama as worse than a man who clearly was the worst President in history by a huge margin- George W. Bush?


Anonymous said...

Happy Independence Day! You lost your liberty while it's given to those illegal invaders unleashed on our society! We all know for a fact they are not all sweet little poor kids!

Green Eagle said...

1. You do not "know" a thing about them. You are just engaging in your usual jingoistic right wing nativism.

2. What liberty have I lost, other than the liberty to live an adequate life, so that the Koch Brothers could be worth $100 billion?