Monday, July 28, 2014

What The Republican War on Obamacare Means in Mitch McConnell's Home State.

That would be Kentucky, and I was just about struck dumb by these two maps (something that, as you know, rarely happens to Green Eagle) showing just what Obamacare has meant to Kentucky.  This is via Daily Kos and Leo Weekly in Louisville.  Things like this need to be spread, because they show just what a bunch of malignant monsters Republicans are:

The decrease in the rate of the uninsured in Kentucky is astounding, and particularly so in places like Harlan County, one of the most intense anti-Obama places in the country.  This is what the Republicans in Congress have been working for years, almost single-mindedly (other than the phony scandals) to take away from the American people.

Democrats all over the country should be shoving this down Republicans' throats, but that just wouldn't be polite, so I guess they will just curl up in a corner and lose in November.  Believe me, it's not Libya or executive orders that make Republicans want to get Obama out of office- it's this, and the dim hope the sometime in the future, people will start figuring out why their lives are being destroyed.


Jenny said...

Stunning change.

Anonymous said...

it's so great that Obama delayed full implementation until after 2 elections

Green Eagle said...

It's so great that you are an idiot, Anonymous. Obama delayed implementation of business insurance implementation as a concession to corporations that claimed they couldn't be ready in time. If a Republican had done that, no one would say a word, because we all know that it was intended to insure equitable long term implementation of the bill. Let a Democrat do it, and you idiots are all screaming for impeachment.

When is the time that you stop spending your life spreading what you know are lies, and try to live a decent life?